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The Birman cat is a popular breed for breeding and showing in the US.

The most dominant breed in terms of numbers is the American Quarter Horse.

The Quarter Horse is the most popular horse breed in America today. They are bred and used for any sport from Western sports, such as barrel racing and calf roping, to English sports, such as jumping and dressage. They are very well tempered and willing to please, which makes them even more popular.sfht

The most popular cat breed in the US is the Persian.

The AKC ranks the English Foxhound as the least common breed of dog.

Horse breeding in the US is quite popular. Horse breeding can be a hobby or a profession to some people. The US horse industry is a $100 billion dollar industry and a good majority of that money comes from breeding.

The real Hidalgo was a spanish mustang.

Horse racing and shows are fairly popular in the USA and generate quite a bit of money.

The American Quarter Horse is not only the most common in the western US but is the largest breed in the world.

Epona: In what US state was the Kiger Mustang discovered?A: OregonEpona: What horse breed was developed in 1981?A: National Show HorseEpona: What horse originates from the Iberian Peninsula?A: LusitanoEpona: What is the fastest horse over short distances?A: Quarter HorseEpona: What is the oldest horse breed in Denmark?A: FrederiksborgEpona: What horse breed originated from horses of the French King, Louis XIV?A: Canadian HorseEpona: What horse was originaly bred by the Nez Perce Indian tribe?A: AppalooaEpona: What horse breed originated in Kentucky?A: Rocky Mountain HorseEpona: What breed can be traced back to a single stallion named Figure?A: Morgan

On the dog show, the Beagle 'Aro' was the symbol to the most popular breed in 2007, as well in 2008.

horse back riding is the most popular

It depends on your area and what breed of horse you are riding.

The car is named after a breed of horse called a Mustang. They are wild horses of the western US.

No, the Beagle is the fourth most popular breed in the US in 2010.

It lets us breed certain animals to give us children with better attributes for certain jobs. For example, a horse used to be used for plowing. You would use husbandry to mate a strong horse with another strong horse to get a "really" strong horse.

I believe Chincoteague Ponies are the only other wild horse breed in the US.

Quite common. I think Charolais is the third or fourth popular breed in America. Angus takes the number one spot for being the most popular beef breed in the United States.

Of course. Arabians are a very popular horse in a number of countries, including the US.

Not too sure what you're asking here. Are you asking what the name of a horse would be if it's got Andalusian, Quarter Horse and Criollo? Well, for one, Criollo isn't exactly a true breed, it's just a colour breed, and if the horse of this mix is not Criollo itself the Criollo part of the equation wouldn't count nor matter. Thus this leaves us with the possibility of saying the horse is an Andalusian-Quarter horse cross. Answer 2: Well in Mexico the cross of Andalusian/Quarter horse & Criollo is called an Azteca. In the USA the cross is Andalusian/Quarter horse or Paint horse and is called an American Azteca.

The breed is an American breed. people raced their trotters and pacers and bred for speed. Eventually any horse that could trot or pace at or faster than the "standard" was eligible to be entered in to the Standardbred registry.

they came from the spanish people when they 1st came to the US i think because chesnut isn't a breed its a color of horse

A couple of states are pretty close. Texas, California, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Florida are the top contenders for horse breeding. The northeast states are big producers of sport horses and hunter/jumpers. The American Quarter Horse is the most popular breed in the US.

Yes, VERY popular. Holsteins are the top breed used in dairy production in the United States, if not the whole world.

The state of Kentucky, where the Kentucky Derby is held

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