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There is no official legal occupancy limit in Philadelphia. Most landlords though restrict 3 adults to a one bedroom apartment.

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Q: What is the legal occupancy limit for an apartment in Philadelphia?
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Legal occupancy limit for a one-bedroom apartment in Virginia?

The legal occupancy limit for a one bedroom apartment in Virginia is 2 adults. It is also permissible for 2 adults and a baby to occupy a one bedroom apartment.

What is the occupancy limit on a 2 bedroom apartment?

It depends on your jurisdiction and the family makeup. If it is a mother and 4 children, that is probably OK. If it is 5 guys with motorcycles, that is probably not going to fly.

How do you determine the occupancy limits in public buildings?

The fire department is who determines the occupancy limits in public buildings. It is important to not go over the occupancy limit they have determined.

What is the occupancy limit for a 2 bedroom in lakewood NJ?

4 people

Is there a law on how many people live in a two bed room apt.?

There may be occupancy laws in your community. They are typically related to health and safety issues, particularly in apartment buildings with many stories. You will have to consult the ordinances for your specific location. The lease may also have an occupancy limit, but that is an agreement with the landlord.

Can three people live in a one bedroom apartment in Texas?

The legal limit is usually three people in one bedroom apartment. Those three people can be adults and the landlord is allowed to specify how many people per apartment.

Is it legal for four persons to live in one room?

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will approve a two person per bedroom occupancy limit. Certain states and cities have their own occupancy rules. Where do you live it depends upon the rules of your state or city.

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You will need to consult the codes book.

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