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about 15% of the people in the USA compost

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Q: What is the level of composting of waste in the US?
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What level of recycling and composting waste are in Peru?

what is the level of composting in peru

What Is An Organic Waste Composting Machine?

An organic waste composting machine is an independent unit that facilitates the composting process and provides better composts.

How do you use composting in a sentence?

Composting is the thing of recycling of organic waste. This is the sentence containing composting word.

Why does composting help the environment?

Composting vegetation waste returns nutrients to the soil.

What is advantage of composting?

Composting helps the environment by naturally breaking down waste materials!

What soil is best for composting?

Composting is the action of breaking down vegetable waste into useable soil, so you get soil from composting, you don't use soil for composting.

What is composting and how does it work?

Composting is the piling up of garden waste and letting it decompose so that you can return it to the soil.

Can composting help the problem of excess waste?


What are the green parts of organic waste are to be used for composting?

your blood

Does composting yard waste increase the amount of garbage sent to landfills and so increase greenhouse gas emissions?

No, composting yard waste means you keep it as compost. There is no increase in the amount of garbage sent to landfills. Correct composting releases no greenhouse gases.

How can composting solve the problems of excess waste?

Composting can help solve problems of excess waste in the sense that it can get rid of excess trash or garbage that gets generated over time and causes problems.

what are the different types of waste management?

Recycling Composting Anaerobic Digestion General Waste Management Hazardous Waste Management Landfill Incineration