What is the life cycle of a tree?


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Seed falls on/in ground. Seed grows. Tree grows. Tree starts to grow seeds. Seeds fall off. Cycle starts again.

The Seed Either Gets placed in the ground or falls on the ground from an already existing tree, the seed then begins to grow and becomes a plant, the plant then becomes bigger and then becomes a tree. It then begins to grow fruit and in the fruit are seeds, the fruit then drops and starts to rot and then the cycle starts again.

Martha A. Williams

July 18, 2009


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its cycle is first small tree and then turns into an adult tree

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The life cycle of a plum tree starts when a pit falls to the ground. Eventually the pit will turn into a new plum tree and be capable of reproducing.

The life cycle of a tree is like any other tree. it starts as a seed then goes to a seedling then a tree, then it seeds then the seeds die/fall to the ground, and start again. :)

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Life cycle show the living time(in year) of the tree. Each cycle indicates One year old.

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A cherry blossom tree lives for about twenty years.

For the insect life cycle type cocoon for the chick lIfe cycle type hen and for the the tree life cycle type seed

i dont know can you tell me plz

seed, flower, fruit, growth.

first the seed is planted, then it grows Ta DA a birch tree!

Acorn, germination, growth, maturity and death.

As with all plants, germination, growth, maturity and death.

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It's not because flowers wither and come back when trees stay green all year.:)

each ring is the 1 year life cycle of that tree. Each year a tree will produce a new ring

A pine cone carries the seed of the tree so it guarantees the succession of generations.

a viola is a musical instrument, similar to a violin but larger. I would imagine their life cycle starts with a tree, goes through manufacturng processes, becomes an instrument and then is recycled or dumped at the end of its life.

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