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What is the lifespan of a coal fired power plant?

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In a nutshell, it is not correct to assign human attributes (e.g., lifetimes) to inanimate objects. Consequently, the operating span of a coal fired power plant can be unlimited since any degraded or failed component can be replaced with a new one. Some of the oldest U.S. coal plants have operated since 1921. The decision on whether to make a refurbishment, or to build a new plant, is merely a question of relative Economics and investment risk. For example, the cost of a single replacement part is almost always less than the cost of replacing the plant. However, in an old plant, there is a risk that many additionally worn parts also will need replacement soon. Plant owners evaluate these tradeoffs each time a major component fails and make the decision whether or not to retire the plant.

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How many types of power plant?

Atomic Energy plant, Oil fired plant, Gas fired plant, Coal fired Plant, Gas Turbine plant, Hydroelectric plant, Wave power, Wind power, Solar panel type

What are the advantages of coal fired power plant to the community?

emission are lower

What could be a source of chemical weathering?

a coal fired power plant.

What is a coal fired power plant?

An electricity generation station that is powered by burning the fossil fuel called "coal".

In a modern coal fired power plant the mechanical of turbines is converted into electrical energy by what?

In a modern coal fired power plant the mechanical motion of turbines is transferred by a shaft to a generator, where magnets spin within wire coils to produce electricity

What is a coal-fired energy plant?

A coal-fired energy plant is one that burns coal (as the source of energy) to make electricity or drive machinery.

What does the generator in a nuclear power plant do?

converts the rotation of the steam turbine shaft to electricity. same as in a coal fired plant.

How many megawatts does a large coal fired power plant produce in a hour?

100 mega watts

What happens when energy transformations occur in a coal fired power plant during the production of electricity?


Is coal the dominant energy source used in Manitowoc?

The Manitowoc Power Plant is a coal fired plant. It was originally designed to burn stoker coal, but has implemented changes to lower harmful emissions and enable burning of cleaner forms of coal.

Why are people more worried about nuclear power stations than gas or coal?

Have you ever heard of the Chernobyl power plant? A coal fired plant can't produce a disaster of that magnitude, and people worry about the potential consequences.

Types of valves in a coal fired power plant?

Control valve stop valve inch type valve

What do coal-fired power plants convert to?

In a coal-fired power plant the coal is burned in boilers that produce superheated steam. The steam drives turbines, the turbines drive the generators. A conversion can be done to any other type of fuel that is available and it would involve replacing the boilers.

Which type of power station uses chemical energy to generate electricity coal fired or nuclear?

Coal fired

What are the different kinds of power plants?

Coal fired, Nuclear Power, Gas Fired, Hydro, Wind Power.

Thermal efficiency in a coal fired power plant?

It can be up to 40 percent in modern plants, less in old ones

What has the author R A Lewis written?

R. A Lewis has written: 'An investigation of the bioenvironmental effects of a coal-fired power plant'

Which is a waste problem of nuclear power that does not occur with coal-burning power plants?

The only waste from a nuclear power plant is spent fuel rods, which can be reprocessed. The waste from a coal fired plant is carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, ash, and soot.

If the nuclear power plant in palatka Florida exploded will it reach Ocala Florida?

According to Wikipedia's sources, the power plant in Palatka, Seminole Generating Station, is a coal burning power plant. It only appears to be nuclear because of the cooling towers that are iconic of nuclear power plants but can be used coal fired power plants. I would have to imagine that the blast from a coal power plant, if exploded, would not travel the 40 or so miles to Ocala.

How do the boilers of a coal fired power plant work?

Coal is burned in the firebox of the boiler to heat the water to steam which then turns the turbines which are connected to the generators which produce the electricity.

How does a coal-fired power plant work?

Coal is burnt to produce heat to make water boil. The steam drives a turbine which turns a generator to make electricity.

How many coal fired power plants are there left in the UK?

There are still quite a few coal fire power plants left in the UK, however it is declining. There are about 19 coal fired power plants which are still left in the UK.

How much does it cost to make a coal fired power plant?

A conventional plant costs about $780 million to build, according to Bechtel...a comparable coal-gas plant would cost about $975 million. source:

Why is a coal fired power plant located near a lake?

They are usually near water as they burn coal to heat water to make steam to generate electricity. Also in some cases, it is easier to deliver coal to the plant by water than by road or railroad.

Can a nuclear plant generate as much power as a coal plant?

Single nuclear PWR units can now range up to 1600 MWe output, so I think that is comparable with any single coal fired unit