What is the lifespan of a coal fired power plant?

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In a nutshell, it is not correct to assign human attributes (e.g., lifetimes) to inanimate objects. Consequently, the operating span of a coal fired power plant can be unlimited since any degraded or failed component can be replaced with a new one. Some of the oldest U.S. coal plants have operated since 1921. The decision on whether to make a refurbishment, or to build a new plant, is merely a question of relative economics and investment risk. For example, the cost of a single replacement part is almost always less than the cost of replacing the plant. However, in an old plant, there is a risk that many additionally worn parts also will need replacement soon. Plant owners evaluate these tradeoffs each time a major component fails and make the decision whether or not to retire the plant.
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How much does it cost to make a coal fired power plant?

A conventional plant costs about $780 million to build, according to Bechtel...a comparable coal-gas plant would cost about $975 million. source: http://money.cnn.com/2004/10/18/news/economy/coal/

What is the lifespan of a nuclear power plant?

Nuclear plants are typically licensed initially for about 40 years,however licenses have been extended as long as 60 years. The design lifespan for most structures (e.g. bridges, dam,highways, buildings) has always been estimated at 40 to 50 years,good maintenance can extend that somewhat. A nuclear ( Full Answer )

Do coal powered plants polute?

Coal is one of the dirtiest burning fuels currently in use. Power plants running on coal are one of the leading contributors of pollution which causes smog as well as acid rain. It's effects on global warming are still under debate.

How does a coal-fired power station work?

A coal-fired power station works by burning coal to give off heat,which heats water and produces steam. The steam is then used topush generator turbines; which generate energy.

How is coal turned into energy in power plants?

Coal is burned to heat water (in a very large boiler). The water is heated to steam. The steam is then used to turn a steam turbine. The turbine turns a generator, producing electricity!

What are some disadvantages of coal fired powered plants?

Some disadvantages of coal powered plants are;. 1. a coal powerplant produces 3700000 tons of CArbon dixode in a year. this is also one of the main causes of global warming.. 2. all the mercury taken from the coal has to be disposed, and usually it is disposed in a lake.

Is coal fired power plant harmful to environment?

Using coal without special treatment as the fuel for a power plant creates a few very nasty compounds, including sulfur dioxide (depending on the sulfur content ofthe coal), mercury, and carbon dioxide (this last not toxic but still a greenhouse gas). There are three scrubbing technologies extant at ( Full Answer )

What do coal power plants and nuclear power plants have in common?

They both employ steam turbine/generators operating on the Rankine cycle. They both produce similar amounts of radioactive waste: . Nuclear power plants "burn" uranium or plutonium through nuclear fission. The amount of nuclear waste produced is about 3 metric tons per terawatt-hour. . Coal con ( Full Answer )

What are the disadvantages of a coal fired power station?

The disadvantages of coal power are; 1. It is non-renewable and it is causing global warming. 2. Although it is now cheap, if the coal continues to be used in such a way, it will soon be very expensive. 3. Burning a fossil fuel produces carbon dioxide, which contributes to the greenhouse effect, w ( Full Answer )

Why do coal power plants have chimneys?

For steam from and, in emergencies, smoke to escape. CO 2 is colourless and so when the smoke is white, it is steam. When it is black or grey, it is soot, carbon that has not combined with oxygen correctly.

What is a coal-fired energy plant?

A coal-fired energy plant is one that burns coal (as the source of energy) to make electricity or drive machinery.

Where are the coal fired power plants in Canada?

All information of this nature is kept in a searchable format in the NPRI (National Pollutant Release Inventory) database. This is available at the link below. You should search on NAICS code 2211 (Electrical Generation) for the year's data you want.

Why is coal used in power plants?

It burns well and there has been abundant supplies of it. Coal was the whole basis of the industrial revolution that started in the 1700's, it was used to power staem engines. When electricity was discovered it was natural to apply this technology to generating electricity. Many countries had coal b ( Full Answer )

Use of urea at coal fired power plants?

Here is a novice explanation. Urea is used as a reactionary agent, reductant, in both Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) and Selective Non-Catalyst Reduction systems (SNCR) in order to reduce NO2 emissions and convert them into CO2 and water. Urea in an SCR is sprayed into the Flue Gasses before it ( Full Answer )

How many coal power plants?

There were 1493 coal fueled power plants in the United States in 2006. They produce about 50% of the country's electricity.

Why are solar power plants better than coal-fired power plants?

Solar gives of no pollution and does not require constant digging up of the earth to fuel them unlike Coal. But Solar only works during the daytime when the clouds are not blocking the sunlight. Solar also only produces a very small amount of power. Most panels provide less energy over their twenty ( Full Answer )

Which grade of coal is used in power plants?

Power plants are designed to use the available grade of coal. These may be anthracite, bituminous, lignite, high or low sulfur. What changes are the pollution control systems that are required to remove the generated air pollutants and the solid waste handling facilities.

How long is a coal power plant last?

Because coal is the most abundant fossil fuel in the world, a coal power plant can last for many, many years to come. It is also a cheaper fuel, which makes it more reliable than petroleum or natural gas.

Is a coal power plant or nuclear power plant better?

Lets start off with the dangers of both Coal and nuclear powerplants: A coal power plant pollutes a lot of greenhouse gases likecarbon dioxide, which is causing global warming and climate change.A Nuclear power plant can lead to a meltdown which can kill fromradiation exposure, but does not pollute ( Full Answer )

Who invented the coal power plant?

Edison was the first to build and run a power station, on a small scale but supplying a number of consumers

Is energy wasted in a coal - fired power plant?

Chemical energy is released when the coal burns with oxygen in the air. This energy is used to heat water, which is converted into steam. Not all of the energy is used to heat the water. Some of it is wasted by being transferred as heat to the surroundings. The energy of the steam is used to turn th ( Full Answer )

What is coal fire power plant?

A power plant in which coal is burned to move generating turbines to produce electricity.

Why are there more coal power plants then solar power plants?

There are more coal plants than solar plants because the cost per Mega-Watt is much less using coal than solar power, and currently coal is more efficient. The problem today is that in a environmentally conscious society coal is a 'dirty' fuel, and solar power is clean. That is why environmentalists ( Full Answer )

How coal fired power plant generate?

Coal is burned to create heat - high volume, steady heat. The heat boils water. The steam from the boiling water drives a large turbine. The turbine is connected to a large generator. The generator creates electrical power. Coal is not the most efficient way to do this, but it is the cheapest in man ( Full Answer )

How coal power plant generate?

Coal is burned continuously at a high temperature. The heat is used to heat water, which turns to steam. The high pressure steam is used to drive a turbine, which in turn produces the electricity. A turbine is similar to an electric motor, but in reverse. By forcing the turbine around using the stea ( Full Answer )

How is the electricity generated in a coal-fired power plant?

in your question itself you have said that coal-fired yes electricity is generated by burning coal a large amount of heat is generated as a result. this heat energy is used to heat water inside the boiler tubes. the water is converted to dry saturated steam at this state the temperature is about 540 ( Full Answer )

How common are coal powered plants?

Coal powered electricity generating plants are quite common. Here in the provice of Ontario (where I live and type) I know that approximately one third of the electricity in the provice is generated by coal power (the other thirds being nuclear and hydroelectric).

What do power plants do with coal?

Well, power trees are the source of all coal, growing of them, while the tree feeds off of bones of cavemen and dinos.

Why people against coal fired power plants?

The climate is nearing tipping points. Changes are beginning to appear and there is a potential for explosive changes, effects that would be irreversible, if we do not rapidly slow fossil-fuel emissions over the next few decades. As Arctic sea ice melts, the darker ocean absorbs more sunlight and ( Full Answer )

What does a thermal power plant do that a coal power plant doesn't?

In a thermal power plant, the conversion of thermal heat into rotational energy is achieved. This can be achieved by using the thermal heat from burning coal or from burning oil or from burning gas or from steam generated by solar means (insolation). In a coal power plant the thermal heat obtained ( Full Answer )

How much electricity does coal fired power plant produce?

A coal fired station burns coal to produce heat. The heat boils water to produce high pressure and temperature steam. The steam expands in a turbine to rotate the shaft. The turbines rotation drives a generator. The generator produces electricity which is sent out to the consumers. . I hope ( Full Answer )

What happens in coal power plants?

They burn coal, to generate steam in steam boilers or generators. The steam expands in steam engines or turbines which drive generators that generate electricity. The expanded steam is then condensed back to water, and sent back to the boiler to be reused. Cooling water for these condensers is c ( Full Answer )

Why is a coal fired power plant located near a lake?

They are usually near water as they burn coal to heat water to make steam to generate electricity. Also in some cases, it is easier to deliver coal to the plant by water than by road or railroad.

What do coal-fired power plants convert to?

In a coal-fired power plant the coal is burned in boilers thatproduce superheated steam. The steam drives turbines, the turbinesdrive the generators. A conversion can be done to any other type of fuel that isavailable and it would involve replacing the boilers.