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Hi, If you got your period then there is no chance of pregnancy. If sperm came into contact with your vagina and you have not got your period then there is a chance of pregnancy but only a very very very tiny chance. Less than a 1% chance.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-06 20:18:21
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Q: What is the likelihood of pregnancy if there was close contact but no penetration and your period was 3 days late without the usual heavy cramps after swimming in the ocean daily for several days?
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Full penetratation for pregnancy?

No. Full penetration is not needed in order for pregnancy to occur. The sperm in the semen which is released with any ejaculatory fluids, is what causes pregnancy. So even if your partners penis did not fully penetrate you, if any of his ejaculatory fluids (this is including pre-ejaculate) comes in contact with your vaginal area, you are at risk for pregnancy.

If you work in a swimming pool shop will the chemicals harm your baby during pregnancy?

if you are in constant contact and you inhale the substances regularly , high chances they will.

Who do you contact in an emergency in a swimming pool?

The lifeguard.

Can you wear contact lens while swimming?

no, they will come out.

Do you have to penetrate the vagina to get chlamydia?

No, you only need genital-genital contact to transmit chlamydia. You don't have to have penetration.

Can you have contact lenses and still be a lifeguard?

Yes, contact lenses do not stop you becoming a lifeguard or swimming

Why is there a problem with wearing contact lenses in pregnancy?

The shape of the eye surface may change in pregnancy. This can mean the lens does not fit. Many women wear contact lenses the whole pregnancy with no trouble.

Will the chlorine in a swimming pool kill sperm?

Yes, on contact.

Can you were contact lenses while swimming?

Yes, you can get goggles with contact lens in them!My eye doctor told me to get disposables contact lenses when swimming. I will be learning how to swim in a couple of months and nearsighted. With the 1 day disaposables contacts and googles, I am ready.

When should you contact a doctor when you are bleeding during pregnancy?

right then and there.

Can you wear contact lenses for p.e?

Yes, you can wear contact lenses for P.E ... and everything else except swimming and sleeping!!

Is middle stomach ache grumbling a sign of pregnancy?

Depends.Signs of pregnancy are:CrampsLate periodsCravingsHeadachesHormonesMore hungryEtc....If you have most of them contact your doctor.

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