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Hi, If you got your period then there is no chance of pregnancy. If sperm came into contact with your vagina and you have not got your period then there is a chance of pregnancy but only a very very very tiny chance. Less than a 1% chance.

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Full penetratation for pregnancy?

No. Full penetration is not needed in order for pregnancy to occur. The sperm in the semen which is released with any ejaculatory fluids, is what causes pregnancy. So even if your partners penis did not fully penetrate you, if any of his ejaculatory fluids (this is including pre-ejaculate) comes in contact with your vaginal area, you are at risk for pregnancy.

If you work in a swimming pool shop will the chemicals harm your baby during pregnancy?

if you are in constant contact and you inhale the substances regularly , high chances they will.

Can you become pregnant with absolutely no penetration?

Yes, it is a very remote possibility, but still possible. Semen can survive approximately 3 days and if it were to come in contact with the vagina pregnancy is possible, though very unlikely.

Who do you contact in an emergency in a swimming pool?

The lifeguard.

Can you wear contact lens while swimming?

no, they will come out.

Why is there a problem with wearing contact lenses in pregnancy?

The shape of the eye surface may change in pregnancy. This can mean the lens does not fit. Many women wear contact lenses the whole pregnancy with no trouble.

Do you have to penetrate the vagina to get chlamydia?

No, you only need genital-genital contact to transmit chlamydia. You don't have to have penetration.

Can you have contact lenses and still be a lifeguard?

Yes, contact lenses do not stop you becoming a lifeguard or swimming

Can you were contact lenses while swimming?

Yes, you can get goggles with contact lens in them!My eye doctor told me to get disposables contact lenses when swimming. I will be learning how to swim in a couple of months and nearsighted. With the 1 day disaposables contacts and googles, I am ready.

Will the chlorine in a swimming pool kill sperm?

Yes, on contact.

Mucus and pregnancy?

if you are far along in your pregnancy mucus is normal.. nasty but normal if your not to far along contact your doctor

When should you contact a doctor when you are bleeding during pregnancy?

right then and there.

Can you wear contact lenses for p.e?

Yes, you can wear contact lenses for P.E ... and everything else except swimming and sleeping!!

How many non-contact sports are there?


What should you do if you're spotting in mid-pregnancy?

Contact your doctor and let he or she decide wot you should do. -Aradia [Sil]

Can you terminate a pregnancy by hitting your stomach?

No. Contact your health care provider for an appropriate referral to talk about options for terminating a pregnancy.

Is nandos mayonnaise safe during pregnancy?

No! contact with mayonaise during the pregnancy phase will cause you to erupt into opulent flames!!

What is 2nd degree sexual assult?

Sexual assault in the 2nd degree means that sexual contact happened with no penetration. This can vary depending on the state.

What should you do if you have lower back pain during pregnancy?

Contact a doctor! Don't over drug yourself or it will be bad during your pregnancy.

No signs of pregnancy but missed period and have positive result of pregnancy test?

not everyone has sighs of pregnancy, that's why pregnancy is very tricky but if u missed a period and your pregnancy test is positive pretty much your pregnant but if your still not sure contact your doctor

How do infants get AIDS?

Infants can contract HIV through breastmilk or while in utero. Also, a baby could contract the virus by coming into contact with tainted body fluids (blood, semen, etc.) However, there are medications HIV positive mothers can take during pregnancy that can reduce the likelihood of transmission to the fetus.

Can you get chlamydia from a swimming pool?

You can't get chlamydia from a swimming pool. Chlamydia is spread by sexual contact with someone who's infected. You can get it from oral, anal, or vaginal sex; genital-genital contact; sharing sex toys; or birth to an infected woman.

What is the chance of a girl getting pregnant if she sucked your penis and then the penis rubbed her vagina and didn't ejaculate?

As long as there was no entering of the vagina, no chance of pregnancy. There has to be penetration and sperm within the vagina. An Ammendment Actually the above is not entirely accurate. Pre-seminal fluids can be present and sperm cells can be present. Any time an unprotected penis get's near enough to a vagina to actually touch it, there is a risk, albeit slim, of pregnancy. Best practice is to wear a condom or avoid penis to vagina contact if pregnancy is not the desired end result.

What is a non contact sport?

A non-contact sport is a sport where the players do not come into contact with one another at all. They are separated. Non-contact sports include swimming, bowling, volleyball, skiing, tennis, etc.

Is sperm are present in pre-ejaculatory fluid?

Yes, sperm are present in pre-ejaculatory fluid. Hence it is entirely possible for a woman to become pregnant even if the man does not actually ejaculate. If you want to avoid pregnancy, any contact between genitals (up to and including penetration) should only happen with protection.