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What is the link between psoriasis and mental illness?

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There is a link between mental illness and psoriasis. "An August 2010 study published in the journal Archives of Dermatology found that those living with psoriasis have a 39 percent increased risk of being diagnosed with depression than those without the disease, while the risk of an anxiety diagnosis is 31 percent higher." Those dealing with the pain of psoriatic Arthritis have a greater risk of depression problems. Stress is a factor in both depression and psoriasis.

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Q: What is the link between psoriasis and mental illness?
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A person can inherit a tendency toward a mental disorder.

What is the link between heredity and the causes od mental disorder?

A person can inherit a tendency toward a mental disorder.

Do you devolop preeclampsia because you have psoriasis?

Preeclampsia is water retention in pregnant women. I had it when I was pregnant with my twins and barely urinated for 3 weeks. It can be dangerous if left unchecked. As for the psoriasis link, I very seriously doubt it. I do not have psoriasis and I was preeclampsic.

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Are their any prescription shampoos for scalp psoriasis?

There are a number of ways to treat scalp psoriasis, including some shampoos. Many prescription medicine also help. To find out about more of these methods including the shampoo, you can visit the link below

What is the first step of treatment for an emotional or mental health problem?

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Which mental health professionals act as a link between people who need help and community resources that provide help?

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Where can I learn about psoriasis causes and get diet tips?

Look up Living With Psoriasis and click the first link to show up.There should be people and or docters telling you how to deal with psoriasis.From there just follow there instructions and keep things moving.

How helpful is python fat for psoriasis?

Not helpful at all - it is a quack medicein, literally "snake oil" - see link below.

Is eczema a side effect of asthma?

its not a side effect.But many people with asthma do suffer with it. It is a genetic link. Hayfever and psoriasis are also common amongst asthma sufferers.They are a inflammatory illness the skin reacts by producing excess skin cells and the lungs produce excess mucus and the air sacs constrict.

Some Foods May Trigger Psoriasis Flareups?

Although no scientific evidence points towards a link between diet and psoriasis flare-ups, the possibility exists that some individuals may have food triggers. Many individuals notice an increase in symptoms after eating a particular food. If so, they could refrain from eating it for a couple of weeks to see if the symptoms subside. If it does, that person should use caution in his or her dietary choices to avoid any future psoriasis flare-ups.

Is there any link with levothyroxine causing psoriasis in the scalp?

Im guessing ur on that due to hypothyroidinism which is and autoimmune disease and so is psoriasis. Email me at I really culd do with some info to help my studies and Maybe help u as well

Can someone else's large dead skin droppings cause you infection This person has psoriasis severe and leaves a skin trail everywhere. Can this cause someone else infection or disease?

Psoriasis is not in itself contagious - look at the link below for more information.

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The Link Between Mental Health And Heart Health.?

Research has definitively proven that there is a solid link between heart health and your spiritual and mental wellbeing. Individuals who deal with stress, anxiety, and depression are at great risk for heart disease and related illnesses. One of the best ways to improve heart health is to look at the entire spectrum of mental wellness. Spirituality can be expressed in many ways, including nature walks, volunteering, and giving back to the community. Overeating and poor eating habits are often a symptom of depression or spiritual ennui, a kind of self-medication. For this reason, spiritual and mental wellness are vital for good heart health.

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