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the liquid inside thermometer is mercury.. but it is called thermometric liquid.
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what is the red liquid in the thermometer called

A so-called "glass" thermometer has a small bore-hole in the center of the glass that has some liquid in it. It's the activity of the liquid in the narrow hole that makes the thermometer a thermometer.

In a thermometer is a liquid metal called Mercury, so the liquid expands when it is heated up.

gas thermometer are more sensitive then liquid thermometer

If the liquid is silver, it is liquid mercury (Hg). If the liquid is red, it is coloured ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH).

what do they use for the liquid in glass ball thermometer

When the liquid in the thermometer gets warmer it expands.

The liquid will be an antiseptic or alcohol to sterilise the thermometer.

1. Liquid Thermometer 2. Bimetallic Thermometer

A liquid thermometer measures lowest temperature while air thermometer measures lowest temperature of the day!! Hope this helps

liquid thermometer measures the lowest temperature while air thermometer measures the lowest temperature of the day. liquid uses liquid and air uses air.

what is teh desirable properties of using liquid crystal thermometer?

A liquid thermometer actually measures the thermal expansion of the liquid (mercury).

Because that liquid in thermometer is actually a kind of metal called mercury (atomic symbol Hg). And like all metals it expand when heated. Hot water contains heat. --------------------------------------------- Because the liquid in the thermometer expands when it is warmed. As it expand it takes up more space and therefore rises up the measuring tube of the thermometer.There is liquid in some thermometer but, most have chemicals in it!!!!!!!!!!!

As the liquid in the thermometer is heated it expands, and the only way the expanding liquid can go is upward. As the liquid in the thermometer cools, it will contract, and the liquid will fall back down into the resevoir, causing the column of liquid to move downward.

the liguid inside the thermometer is Mercury.

This depends on the thermometer model.

the temparature of the liquid must be read while the thermometer is in the liquid.since the level of mercury drops as soon as the thermometer is taken out of the liquid ,therefore no need of the kink in thermometer.

The liquid inside the thermometer "contracts" when it is placed into something cold. This means that it decreases in volume and increases in density. This is the reason that the thermometer can measure heat: the volume of the liquid inside the thermometer changes as a function of heat, and the amount of liquid in the "tube" of the thermometer changes as a function of volume. Because of this relationship, the level of the liquid in the tube of the thermometer changes as a function of heat.

The doctor dips the thermometer into a liquid metal named mercury to make the temparature of the thermometer fall down.

You put a thermometer in it, for at least a minute, and then read the thermometer with the bulb still in the liquid.

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