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Q: What is the liquid that will remove iodine stains?
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Is fairy liquid an acid or an alkali?

washing up liquid is an alkali as it neautralises acids .

How can one clean stains from the inside of coffee makers?

You can use glass cleaner to remove the stains that build up inside a coffee maker and to take away the stains. If dish soap does not work try a liquid cleanser with bleach which should definitely remove the stains.

Does iodine have starch?

NoIodine Stains starch.

What is the use of Iodine in gram stains?

The iodine in the gram stain serves as a mordant or fixative.

How do you remove putty stains from frosted glass?

vinegar or fairy washing liquid

Why is rice brown in colour when iodine solution is put on it?

cause iodine(brown) stains the rice

What is the best liquid soap to use to clean your kids soccer team jerseys?

The best liquid soap to use to clean kids soccer team jerseys is Tide liquid detergent. This brand of liquid detergent is very strong and can remove grass stains and mud stains very easily.

What is idodine stain?

It is either iodine and it stains starch, or the other way around, starch that stains iodine, likely the former as it is biological. Starch or iodine can be used in chemical titrations also to indicate the presence of the other available in solution.

How do you remove vinegar and baking soda stains from stainless steel pot?

wash it with fairy liquid very hard

What types of liquid is iodine?

Iodine is a solid, not a liquid. Don't cofuse the solution with the element.

How do you remove different type of stains on cotton clothes?

Protein stains require a cold water soak.Dye stains require hot water and a pretreatment. Stubborn dye stains require bleach.Oily stains require liquid detergent put on them before they go in to the washing machine.Other stains will just come out in the wash.

How do you clean liquid paper whiteout out of clothing?

A good way to remove liquid paper stains is by using some powerefull stain remover and an old toothbrush!