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From Boeing, off the shelf about $12m.

You will however need to demonstrate that you are a government, friendly to the USA before the sale will be approved.

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Q: What is the list price for an apache helicopter?
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Apache helicopter name meaning?

what is the meaning of Apache helicopter

Who named the apache helicopter?

the apache helicopter got it's name from the apache football team from Gonzales,tx.

Who built the apache helicopter?

Although the Apache helicopter was invented by McDonnell Douglas, it was built by boeing.

How much cargo area does the apache helicopter have?

Not much at all. The Apache is an attack helicopter, not a cargo mover.

Is the apache helicopter the best attack helicopter?

The Apache may be the best "attack" helicopter but the Navy MH 60 S is the most diverse platform and best utility helicopter in the world.

How much money is an apache helicopter in world war app?

An apache helicopter is $1,700,000. It has 52 attack and 30 defense.

Who is the designer of Apache helicopter?

Apache helicoptor'r model is designed by a Bangladeshi.

What will win AH65 apache longbow or the RAH66 commanche?

Possibly the Apache, as it is an attack helicopter. The Commanche although armed, is basically a reconnaissance helicopter.

What is the number one helicopter in the world?


How heavy is an Apache helicopter?

7.6 tonnes

Who invented the apache helicopter?

McDonnell Douglas

What does an Apache helicopter do?

The Apache helicopter is used in many nations for an attack helicopter. This type of helicopter allows for a two man cockpit and weapons to be placed all around. The AH-64 Apache helicopter is outfitted with night vision systems, a 30-millimeter chain gun, AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, and Hydra 70 rocket pods. This helicopter was approved for full American military production in 1982. The Apache helicopter is still being made today, under new models.