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The liver has over 1,500 different functions. It controls the concentrations of sugar in the blood. It also removes toxins from the bloodstream and stores them or neutralizes them.

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What is the livers job in the digestive system?

it makes buil for the body.

How can livers get infected?

livers is just very rude

How can you tell if chicken livers are spoiled?

You will be able to tell if chicken livers are bad from the smell and the color of the livers before cooking. If the livers are already cooked, you can tell if they are bad from the taste.

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Can you live with two livers?

I do not believe it is possible to live with two livers.

What is the livers job in the blood circulation?

Produces bile which neutralises acidity of food from the stomach. Has little function in blood circulation

What is the value of 1000 mille livers from banque duliban?

i have 1000 mille livers .

Who is the patron saint of livers?

There is no designated patron saint of livers or liver diseases.

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Can you freeze uncooked lambs liver?

YES, you can freeze uncooked lamb livers but not cooked lamb livers.

Does polyhepatic mean many livers in Greek?

The word polyhepatic means many livers in Greek language.

Do dogs have livers?


Do fish have livers?

Yes, they do.

Do chickens have livers?


What is a anagram for silver?


Do shrimp have livers?


Do obese people generally develop fatty livers?

Yes, about 90% of obese people develop fatty livers.

What Egyptian god guarded the livers canopic jar?

The god called Imsety guarded the livers canopic jars.

Does Hepatocyte have cell walls?

No, hepatocytes are cells found in livers, and only animals have livers. Animal cells do not have cell walls.

How many livers does a frog have?