The liver is a reddish brown gland that secretes digestive juices to aid in the digestion and absorption of food.

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Gallbladders and Bile

What produces bile that it secretes into the duodenum via the bile duct?

Bile is produced in the liver and stored and concentrated in the gallbladder, then transported to the duodenum via the bile duct when needed.

The bile salts break down fats (called gall) via emulsification, which enlarges the surface area of the fats, and allows for more efficient digestion of lipids by enzymes in the duodenum.

Bile is a sticky semi-thick substance that is dark in color. It is a bitter, alkaline, brown/yellow/green fluid. It is an alkaline liuid composed mostly of water, bile salts, bile pigments (bilirubin, from the breakdown of hemoglobin), fats, and cholesterol.
Presuming that we are referencing a HEALTHY HUMAN BEING (post infancy) then: BILE is PRODUCED & SECRETED by the LIVER and EXCESS amounts will be STORED in the GALL BLADDER the liver The liver. It's then stored by the gallbladder. stomach
Bile is made by the liver and stored and released into the intestine in response to dietary fat by the gall bladder.


What is pigment released by the liver in bile?


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What is Hemangioma Pericytoma?

a vascular tumor composed of spindle cells that are held to be derived from pericytes -- called also perithelioma

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Why is noradrenaline used in the treatment of upper digestive tract hemorrhages?

this medication constricts the blood vessels, thereby decreasing/stopping the bleeding.


What does liver do?

The liver does things such as clean your blood by removing toxins such as medicine and alcohol, it produces a substance called bile (stored in the gall bladder just below the liver) which helps in breaking down lipids (fat) when we are digesting food, it helps with the clotting of blood at a wound and also helps keep the core temp of our body at a level of 27 degrees celsius.


How big is a cow liver?

about 12 inch in diameter

Laboratory Testing
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How can you cure SGPT and SGOT?

Base on my experience i lessen my SGPT and SGOT in the the following: during my medical examination i found out that i have elevated SGPT(203) and SGOT(168). after 1 week:SGPT(207) and SGOT(165) I undergo ultrasound. after 2 weeks:SGPT(234) and SGOT(170) after 3 weeks:SGPT(165) and SGOT(90) without eating rice. I only ate oats and pineapple juice. Before I have difficulties in breathing, and now... no more...the doctor said, i have that high level of SGPT and SGOT due to drinking too much of the alcoholic drinks but i already stop 6months ago. Another thing is because of eating foods w/c is high in cholesterol level and fatty foods. At present, my SGPT is now 34 and my SGOT is 40. In addition to this my cholesterol level is 200 w/c is still in normal level(0-200). My eating habits are the following: avoid fatty/oily foods,e.g. coconut milk,fried rice,fry foods,milk,hicken skin avoid eating foods w/c is high in cholesterol level like avocado,potato,big fish and etc. eat/drinkthose rich in fibers: oats, pineapple juice,vegetables especially those green leafy vegetables. half-cook food is better. I hope I can help anyone.

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What is the cost of a liver transplant in China's hospitals?

cost of a liver transplant in china


What is the normal size of the liver of a man?

The following information was taken from Grey's Anatomy of the Human Body: "In the male it weighs from 1.4 to 1.6 kilogm., in the female from 1.2 to 1.4 kilogm. It is relatively much larger in the fetus than in the adult, constituting, in the former, about one-eighteenth, and in the latter about one thirty-sixth of the entire body weight. Its greatest transverse measurement is from 20 to 22.5 cm. Vertically, near its lateral or right surface, it measures about 15 to 17.5 cm., while its greatest antero-posterior diameter is on a level with the upper end of the right kidney, and is from 10 to 12.5 cm. Opposite the vertebral column its measurement from before backward is reduced to about 7.5 cm."


Why doesn't frozen liver react wit hydrogen peroxide like raw liver does?

Medical Terminology

What is the medical term meaning liver specialist?

Gastroenterologist or Hepatologist

A doctor who specializes on the liver is a hepatologist. Not to be confused with a herpatologist, who studies snakes.

The answer depends on the type of problem. In our area, gastroenterologists treat most liver problems, but sometimes the treatment of hepatitis is done primarily by infectious disease specialists.


What happens if a liver stops working?

If your liver stops working, your blood is unable to be filtered. It's toxicity levels will rise, and you are likely going to die.


What is an orthotropic liver transplantation?

When an orthotropic transplantation is performed, a segment of the inferior vena cava (the body's main vein to the heart)


Why coronary ligament of liver is known as coronary ligament?

please give the reason why coronary ligament of liver is known as coronary ligament / Challange for u


What does the liver do in osmoregulation?

Liver is specialized excretory organ in vertebrates. Red blood cells that have reached their normal life span (in humans ca. 100 days) are sequestered from circulation and broken down; the porphyrin of the hemoglobin molecule is transformed by the liver to compounds known as bile pigments. These are excreted in the bile, discharged into the intestine, and finally eliminated with the feces. Thus, in addition to its many other functions, the liver is an excretory organ specialized for porphyrin excretion.

And moreover, urea is produced in the liver by ornithine- urea cycle. With this process liver helps in osmoregulation.


If within a few months of getting insurance you are diagnosed with hepatitis C and need a liver transplant can the insurance company cancel your policy?

No - an insurance company cannot cancel your policy or refuse to pay the claim, unless it can be proven that you were aware of this prior to obtaining the new insurance.

They also cannot raise your premiums unless they raise everyone in your healthpool rates as well. A healthpool is a group of individuals who are in the same age range and insurance rating as you.


What is the difference between Hepatitis C and liver disease?

Hep C is a contagious liver disease caused by the hepatitis c virus. There are a lot of different types of liver disease.

More Detailed Answer"Liver disease" is a very generalized term. Hepatitis A, B, and C are types of liver disease, as well as Cirrhosis, Reye's Syndrome, Porphyria, Hemochromatosis, and Liver Cancer.

Hepatitis C (HCV) is a type of viral hepatitis. 150,000 people are infected with HCV every year. Modes of transmission include blood transfusion, IV drug needles, unclean tattoo or piercing needles, having multiple sexual partners, or working in the healthcare field in a location (laboratory, nurse, doctor, phlebotimist) where you could potentially be exposed to an individual with HCV.There is a low risk (1-5%) for babies born from an infected mother, and for people in a monogamous sexual relationship with someone who has the hep c virus.

Individuals testing positive for HCV should be referred to a gastroenterologist or a liver specialist to determine the significance of the reactive antibody and whether or not the individual has chronic or acute hepatitis.


Hepatitis C is a virus that can cause liver disease. It takes years, even decades for liver disease to occur and in some cases, liver disease may never develop from Hepatitis C.


What is the medical term meaning Condition in which the liver tissue is destroyed and replaced by scar tissue?

Scar tissue that forms in the liver is called cirrhosis. Technically cirrhosis is not a "disease"; it is a stage of liver malfunction. In fact, it is the final stage after fibrosis. Cirrhosis of the liver is most often caused by alcoholism, but can be caused by other diseases as well.


Is the brain bigger than the liver?

No, the liver is slightly larger.


Is urea stored in the liver?



How long does it take for the liver to heal after years of heavy drinking?

It depends on how badly liver function was affected to begin with; after many years of heavy drinking, it is unlikely that highest levels of liver functioning will be attained. However, it should at least be possible to get back to a "low normal" level of liver function.

Although the liver does "regenerate" so long as there is enough healthy liver left to do this, the scarred tissues of the liver are not "reabsorbed"; they do not go away, and instead are now a permanent feature - this is why some liver function may not be completely repairable. In most people the "scarred" hepatocytes are randomly distributed throughout the liver (rather than in one big cluster); this means that the scarred part(s) of the liver cannot be surgically removed to allow new hepatocytes room to regrow.

So, with scarred liver tissue remaining, this means that blood flow around and through the liver may not be considered "optimal", which will impact upon liver functioning. This is why, even in the long run, it may not be completely possible to restore you liver to a "pre-drinking" condition. However, as long as there is still a decent amount of healthy liver to regenerate and you stay clear of drinking, (and attempt to follow a generally healthy lifestyle) your liver function should reach "your optimum" within a year. Generally, this level is enough for a decent quality of life without requiring excessive medical intervention.

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What is the life expectancy for someone with cirrhosis if diagnosed early and if all guidelines for treament are strictly followed?

It all depends how it has progressed and was ignored. The good news is, if caught early and you follow your doctor's instructions to the letter (no cheating) you can live many years with this condition. However, you will have to constantly take medications for it. This is not to be fooled around with, so seeing your doctor on a regular basis and following his strict orders is imparitive. It is also important not to even go near alcohol and to lower your acidic food intake. Alcohol alone is not always the cause for cirrhosis, but it will irritate it if you do not abuse alcohol. Please keep seeing your doctor (don't put it off) and the more he/she knows about you the more they can help you to lead a long and productive life. Good luck! Marcy

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Is alcoholic liver disease fatal?

Yes, Cirrhosis of the liver can be fatal.


Where can I get a liver cleanse?

There are several "liver cleanse" programs available online for purchase, as well as instructions to follow your own program. It is advisable to consult a local holistic doctor for advice before starting any program to be sure you are making the best choices for your health.

Laboratory Testing

Do you have to fast before liver function test?

It is considered best to fast but necessary.


Supposed to be a 12 hr fast - except water or juices

The above answer is wrong.

Water is the ONLY thing that you can drink to satisfy the fasting criteria...8 hrs should be adequate.

Liver function tests do not require fasting since the tests are not affected one way or the other.

Juices generally contain sugars that affect other testing (like glucose). Lipid panels are often preferred in the fasting state since eating before the tests can affect the tests such as triglycerides, etc. Ask your doctor when the tests are ordered whether fasting is needed.


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