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A logical abstract base class for a class called CricketPlayer could be Batsman class or Bowlerclass.

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In logical address in we hav different clesses ie., class A, class B, class C, now a days we are using class C address. Example : ( this is class C IP address. logical addresses are called as IP Address ( Internet Protocol ). Physical address are the MAC Address ie., the unique address specified by the manufacturer of ur LAN card.

Generally a class pertaining to logical and practical software, and some sort of extensive application of various data structures. At my school the class is called "Data Structures."

Specific instance of a class is called object of that class.

Same as in other languages. To organize commands into logical pieces. However, in Java the functions are called "methods". This is related to the fact that in Java, methods or functions are defined as part of a class.

A group of pupils is called a class.

The current class is usually the first to be called and then its parent and so on. The object class will be the last constructor to be called

Class B is said to be a "subclass" of class A.

class A { public static void main(String args[]) { int a=10,b=20; int c; c=a+b;logical errors } } its is here logical errors

The actions in a java class are called methods.

Spanish upper class is called Principalìa.

it is just called a class

First-Class, Second-Class, and Third-Class were divided on their ability to pay, besides, strict U.S. immigration laws required that steerage remain separated from other classes for health reasons.

Marx called it the proletariat as a class. He called individual members of that class proletarians.

a class is also called a factory of objects because it is

Marx called the working class the proletariat.

Namespaces are the way to organize .NET Framework Class Library into a logical grouping according to their functionality, usability as well as category they should belong to, or we can say Namespaces are logical grouping of types for the purpose of identification.

No. spiders are in a class called, Arachnida.

what belongs to the class of nitrogenous bases called purines

The lowest class of ancient Roman citizens were called plebeians.

The first class of an "infant school" (UK) is called Reception. The first class of an "infant school" (UK) is called Reception.

The class name for a tapeworm is called Cestoda.

class in which objects can be created is called as concrete class.

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