What is the long pole in the tent?


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Normally used as an expression to label what is the hardest or most challenging obstacle in a list of obstacles that needs to be overcome or considered.

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to keep up the tent so it dont fall

Boner , woody , hard-on , erection under the covers , like a tent pole sticking up.

The square of the hypotenuse equals the square of the sum of the other two sides. 13.89ft

Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen led the team that first set foot at the South Pole during December 1911. They erected a tent at the pole after spending about a week verifying their location using celestial navigation skills. Atop the tent, they mounted a Norwegian flag. It is not documented exactly who mounted the flag on the tent.

To set up a Greatland Model 15585 Tent with Rain Fly, unroll the tent and lay flat with the door facing the assembler. Connect the long pole segments that are held together with elastic cord. Insert the pole in the loops from right to left. Then use the stakes provided to lash the tent to the ground on each side. Repeat for the back. The rain fly is attached to the poles using the Velcro straps provided.

A tent caterpillar when it get long and fat to last the sleep

After arriving at the pole, Amundsen and his team established a camp and they spent about a week surveying the area. They used sextants and theodolites to confirm their location at 90 degrees S. As well, they erected a tent at that spot, hoisted a Norwegian flag on a pole, and left a note inside the tent, detailing where anyone finding the tent could locate the Amundsen team's camp nearby.

A long pole in Lacrosse is a defence pole.

Lay the tent out on flat ground. Take the pole sections and slide the separate sections together. This will take a little trial and error without an instruction print out (available by calling the manufacturers toll free number.) Slide the pole sections into the pole loops and stand the tent up one section at a time. Stake the tent down, and add rain fly if desired.

Poltent is not a word found in the dictionary. Potent means strong. Pole tent is a type of tent that uses poles in the center to support the sides and roof.

worm boots,maps,stove,torch,tent,rop.

Perhaps because it needs only a central support pole?? Circus tents are not always round although a round design is the best for general vision. Small circuses toured with a central pole in the middle of the ring and this was called 'a one pole tent'. A central section could be added called 'the centre' placed between two poles and this would be called 'the two pole tent' with still a central ring clear of the pole but the audience would be quite near at one side and further away at each end - not as good really to the one pole tent. The much more recent four pole tent is more ideal and can be of varying sizes to suit the required seating capacity or size of the circus. A small four pole tent, say, 80ft in diameter, could seat about 1000 persons whilst the largest (in my experience being Billy Smart) could seat up to 6000 persons. The central ring is an agreed size of 42ft in diameter.

The vowel sound in "tent" is a short e.

Spread the tent out on level site. Slide the poles through the pole sleeves. The poles will cause the tent to stand up as they pass through the sleeves. Stake the tent down through the stake loops. Attach the rain fly if desired.

The cost of a rental tent is determined by a number of factors including size, type of tent, location of installation and the time of the year. There are three main types of tents: pole style, pipe frame, and clear span. The pole tent is usually the cheapest option and is supported around the edges of the tent as well as the center with interior wooden or aluminum poles. The next most expensive tent is the pipe frame tent which has no interior poles and is instead supported by an aluminum pipe frame on which the tent top is secured. The third type and generally the most expensive is the clear span tent. It is made from aluminum box beams through which the tent top is secured. Because of the variables listed above it is difficult to estimate costs for a party tent but a rough idea is somewhere between $.70 per square foot up to $1.50 per square foot or more.

He is killed in a high-wire accident when lightning strikes the circus tent pole.

The easiest method is to get a metal coathanger and some duct tape. Straighten the coathanger and tightly tape the end of the cord to the end of the coathanger. Proceed to thread it thru the pole.

One Ton Depot -- they died in their tent 11 miles away -- was laid at about 80 degrees S, about 750 miles south of the South Pole.

No, Amundsen reached the Pole one month before Scott, in fact when Scott reached the pole he found the flag that Amundsen had placed there along with a tent with a picture of each member of the Norwegian team in.

The Scott expedition to the pole, was a complete bitter disappointment as , he found that he was beaten to the pole by the Sweedish explorer Ambudsen . A tent and a Sweedish flag welcomed Scotts team, sadly they perished on their return trip.

No. Tipi (tepee, teepee) is a noun, a conical tent. But the noun can be used as an adjunct or adjective (tepee pole, tepee hides).

Captain Scott died in his tent on his return trek from the South Pole, with two of his remaining companions.

Amundsen left a note in his Poleheim tent at the South Pole indicating the position of his camp -- about 2,500 yards from the mathematical pole. Amundsen and his team spent seven days at the pole, taking sun sightings with both sextant and theodolite to confirm their position as 90 degrees S.

Captain Scott and his team found a tent and Norwegian flag left behind by the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and his team who had reached the Pole about a month before Scott's team.

There is no postal delivery to the North Pole.

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