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His reigns are as follows:

a. First reign as WWE champ - 0 days

b. Second reign as WWE champ - 203 days

c. Third reign as WWE champ - 42 days

d. Fourth reign as WWE champ - 90 days

e. Fifth reign as WWE champ - 21 days

f. Sixth reign as WWE champ - 64 days

Randy orton has been a WWE champ for a total of 420 days.

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Q: What is the longest time Randy Orton has held the title for?
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What is the longest randy ortion has held the wwe title?

2 years

Has Randy Orton ever held the US title?

Randy Orton has never worn the U.S. title. Orton has won nearly every other major title including the World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Championship, World Tag Team Championship (Rated-RKO) and finally the Intercontinental Championship.

Was Randy Orton a ic champ?

Yes I believe he was however i am not sure of when. yes randy orton is a former intercontinental champion Yes Randy won the IC championship with the Stable Evolution, he held the IC title for quite some time

How many belts has randy ortan had?

Randy Orton has held a championship 7 times in the WWE: World Heavyweight Title 1 time, World Tag Team Title 1 time (with Edge), Intercontinental Title 1 time, and the WWE Championship 4 times.

Why was the wcw and wwf title combined?

The two titles are not combined. Currently the WCW title is renamed world heavyweight title and is currently held by Edge and the WWF title is renamed as WWE title and is currently held by Randy Orton now undertaker has the heavyweight championship wheras john cena has the wwe championship

What was Orton's first title?

I think it was the intercontinental championship, which he held for 3 years or something.

Who has held the WWE title the longest?

Bruno Sammartino.

Which WWF wrestler held the title longest?

Bruno Sammartino

Which boxer held the middleweight title the longest?

As of October 2014, the longest reigning middleweight champion was Bernard Hopkins who held the title for 10 years, 2 months, 18 days. During that time, he successfully defended his title 20 times.

Which WWF tag team combo held the title longest?

i think Edge & Christian

Who was the longest diva champion?

Maryse held the title for 216 days or 7 months 6 days

Who held the WWE World Heavyweight title title for the longest time?

Triple H from 15/12/2002 until 21/09/2003