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"Pong" is officially known as the longest video game in history. Scientists did tests on it and concluded that with the game's intense action and enhanced graphics, and it's amazing online play, "Pong" was voted as the Longest game in Video game History.

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Q: What is the longest video game?
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What is the longest video game in the world?

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Longest video game ever?

gears of war

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What is the longest time played on a video game console?

50 hours by Jason Campbell

What is the longest video game play time?

A Korean man died after playing 50 hours of video games non-stop.

What is the world's longest video game?

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Longest time playing a video game?

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What sort of a game is The Longest Journey?

"The Longest Journey" is a point-and-click style adventure video game for the PC. The player interacts with objects on the screen and advances the story by solving puzzles. It was developed by the Norwegian game studio Funcom.

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Her longest music video is Marry The Night. It's a video of 14 minutes.

How long was Britain's longest ever 'shoot-em-up' video game?

The answer is 24 hours and 4 min

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grand threft auto iv takes place in new york bunce of missons

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