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The longitude of Kabul Afghanistan is 69.05E and the latitude is 34.29N.

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What is latitude and longitude of kabul Afghanistan?

34.5 n, 69 e

What city is 34 degrees north latitude 68 degrees longitude?

Kabul, Afghanistan

What is the capital located at 42n latitude and 75e longitude?

Kabul of Afghanistan There's no capital there. That point is in eastern Kyrgyzstan, about 65 miles south-southeast of Bishkek. (And 610 miles northeast of Kabul of Afghanistan.)

What city is located at 34 north latitude and 68 east longitude?

The city with the absolute location of 34 north latitude and 68 east longitude is Kabul. It is the capital city of Afghanistan.

Is Afghanistan in the latitude or in the longitude?

Every point on the surface of the earth has a unique set of latitude and longitude.

What is the the capital of Afghanistan?

Afghanistan - Capital: Kabul

How are Kabul and Afghanistan related?

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan.

What is 34.39N latitude and 69.14 E longitude?

That point is on the southern edge of a group of tilled fields in a farming area located about 9.7 miles south-southwest of the center of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Is Cabul same as Kabul in Afghanistan?

cabul is not same as kabul in afghanistan .

Why does latitude affect Kabul Afghanistan?

I think you mean altitude. Kabul is at 5,000 feet above sea level, so it's cold at night.

What is the longitude and latitude of Kandahar Afghanistan?

Latitude: 31°61′7"N Longitude: 65°71′7"E

What is Afghanistan's capital?

Kabul.Kabul, Afghanistan

In what region of Afghanistan is Kabul located?

Kabul is in southeast Afghanistan, close to the Pakistani border. It has its own province in Afghanistan.

What is the altitude of Kabul Afghanistan?

The altitude of Kabul, Afghanistan, is 1790 m or 5,873 ft.

Kabul is located in what country?

Kabul is located in Afghanistan and is the capital and most populous city in Afghanistan.

Is Kabul a port in Afghanistan?

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and is landlocked , so it is without a seaport but it does have an airport .

Which is the capital of Afghanistan?

kabul is the capital of Afghanistan

What is the copital of Afghanistan?

kabul is the copital of afghanistan

What is the capital of Afghanistan?

The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul.

What city is 35 degrees north latitude and 69 degrees east longitude?

There's no city there. That point is in east-central Afghanistan, about 10 miles west of Charikar and 35 miles north-northwest of the center of Kabul.

What is the longitude and latitude of herat Afghanistan?

The west-center entrance to the Herat Great Mosque is located at 34.3431° north latitude 62.1947° east longitude.

Does Bank of America have a site in Kabul Afghanistan?

does bank o amerce have a bank n Kabul afghanistan

What are the latitude and longitude of Afghanistan's capital?

-- The center of the playing field at Ghazi Stadium in Kabul is located at 34.5185° north latitude 69.1937° east longitude. -- The west end of Runway-11 at Kabul International Airport, about 16 km north of the center of the city, is located at 34.5705° north latitude 68.1942° east longitude. Any other point in or around the city has somewhat different coordinates.

What are facts about kabul Afghanistan?

Kabul starts with a letter k.

Is Kabul a country?

Kabul is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan.