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In the USA, there are presently (9/12) two low-power educational FM stations

licensed at 87.9 MHz. All the others in the country start at 88.1 MHz and up ...

in steps of 0.2 ... to 107.9 MHz.

Not counting those first two stations, that's a total of 100 FM broadcast carrier

frequencies that are shared by all of the FM stations in the US. Some FM frequencies

have as many as 100 stations all licensed on the same one, in different parts of the


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What is the lowest number on FM dial on your radio?

The lowest number marked on the dial is most likely 88 .The lowest carrier frequency assigned to FM stations in the US is 87.9 .

Lowest number on FM radio?

The lowest marking on the dial is usually 88. The lowest carrier frequency assigned to an FM broadcast station in the US is 87.9 MHz.

Lowest whole number on FM dial?

The lowest whole number on the FM dial is 88. An FM radio tuned just below 88 can pick up the sound from TV Channel 6, if there is an analog TV station nearby broadcasting on Channel 6. A TV program on Channel 6 transmits its aural (sound) carrier at 87.75 MHz, modulated the same as any FM station but with peak deviation of 25 KHz rather than 75 KHz ... so if you do hear the sound from a Channel 6 TV station on your FM radio, the sound will be almost 10 dB softer than on an FM radio station, and you'll want to crank up the volume for comfortable listening. (A much bigger inconvenience will be the fact that you can't see what's going on along with the sound.)

Where is the 102.7 FM radio station?

Between 102.5 and 102.9 on your FM radio dial.

What is the lowest number on an FM radio dial in America?

The current range is from 87.8 to 108. Here is the link I used to find it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FM_broadcasting_in_the_USA

What is the number for kiis FM?

In the Los Angeles area, you can find KIIS FM at 102.7 on the dial.

What is WWE's FM raido chanel?

kiss FM is on channel 8677

Why the frequency of FM is in MHz?

If your three favorite FM stations were at 92,500 KHz, 101,300 KHz, and 105,900 KHz on the radio dial, your radio would need a much larger dial.

What is the frequency in kilohertz for kiss FM?

KISS-FM in Chicago broadcasts at 103.5 on the FM dial. That's 103.5 MHz, which is the same thing as 103,500 KHz.

What are advantages of FM transmissions?

In FM, within small range of tuning, we can access multiple channel. We can access single channel in 0.5 MHz. Range of FM can go to several miles. FM needs comparatively less power.

What is the lowest radio station on FM?

In the US, the commercial FM (broadcast) band nominally begins at 88 MHz. 87.9 was allocated, but only for some low-power "Class D" stations because it's virtually right on top of the aural carrier of the analog-TV Channel 6. The lowest carrier frequency normally assigned to an FM broadcast station in the US is 88.1 MHz.

What are the differences between AM and FM radio?

The main difference between AM and FM radio is the dial-in number and the amount of static each receive. AM radio preceded FM radio, with FM becoming popular in the 1950s.

What is the radio channel for the cricket?

in india it is broadcasted on the AIR fm radio channel

How do you receive 87.7 MHz Fm radio?

You could either tune your standard FM radio all the way down to the bottom of the dial, or else tune your analog TV set to Channel 6. I suspect, though, that you would not hear anything either way, since no FM station in the USA is ever licensed at 87.7 MHz.

What channel on the radio is dubstep?

dubstep fm, sub fm and radio 1 plays some dubstep

Picture of an FM radio statio dial?

Fm stands for frequency modulation. It is most common to have Am/Fm radio, which taking the lead from car radio types- with an eye towards ease of operation, generally have a sort of slide rule dial with Am and Fm readings superimposed= lit. one on top of the other in the same horizontal plane. some portables have one dial ( radial or analog type) with two sets of markings to avoid any confusion, a simple slide switch- two aspect , selects the band am or fm. Despite the many advantages of FM, and the fact that Am and Fm listeners are almost two different audiences, straight FM sets, while pradcticable, have never been popular. One wionders why not.

What is Cork's 96 FM request number?

Dial (021) 455 1596 and they will take it or help you.

What is 96.5's number?

-- On the FM radio dial, it is 96.5 . -- On the telephone, it's difficult to answer the question with no more information than you've provided. There are 79 different radio stations licensed to broadcast at 96.5 on the FM dial in the USA, in different cities.

How do I work an fm receiver for an iPod?

FM receivers are used through your car charging jack. The FM receiver has a button to push, and find a channel. When this channel is displayed, turn your radio to the identical match and your iPod music should play through the radio.

What is the lowest number on the FM?

Assuming you're talking about the FM radio frequency span - it runs from 87.5 MHz to 107.5 MHz

How many channels on a VHF television dial?

There are 12 channels. They are channel 2 through channel 13.

Is sky FM a real radio channel?

Sky FM is an internet music provider that offer several music choices or "channels."

What is an Integrated FM modulator?

A device that will allow you to send a FM signal. Usually used for mp3 or satelite radio players. You can set the modulator to a channel then your radio to the same channel and pick up the signal.

Why do FM radio stations have a decimal?

FM operates at much higher frequencies than AM radio but the channel width used to transmit the station is close to the same. (+/- 5kHz for AM, +/- 15 kHz for FM) AM band is measured in kHz so +/- 5kHz = 10 kHz channel spacing. FM is in mHz so FM channels are spaced 200 kHz apart, 30 kHz for higher fidelity audio and more for stereo subcarrier and guard bands against co channel interference.

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