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The melting point depends on the solder. The lowest I've seen is 395F.

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What two metals are in a soft solder?

the two metals that are normally in a soft solder are tin and lead.

What products are made using soft solder?

soft solder is made of tin and lead. :D

What soft metals which melts easily?

Woods Metal. It melts in boiling water or at 158 degrees. It will quickly harden at room temperature.

Does solder bend?

Yes. solder is very flexible and soft.

Is soft solder a good conductor of electricity?

Yes: flux core solder is. No: acid core solder is not.

What sterling silver to use for soldering jewelry?

Typically one solders sterling silver with silver solders. There is not a solder called "sterling solder." You can choose from an array of silver solders ranging from easy (extra soft) through hard. Soft solders have lower silver content and melt at a lower temperature. Hard solders have higher silver content and flow at higher temperatures. If you are doing multiple solder joints on a single piece of solder you will need to use several grades of solder. However, if you are just creating a single solder joint than it is best to use a soft or medium solder.

What is a soft solder made of?

Tin and Lead

What is the texture of Gallium?

Below room temperature, gallium is a solid, but soft, silvery metal. At slightly above room temperature, gallium melts into a silvery, metallic liquid.

Which ice-cream melts faster hard or soft?

soft i think

Why does chocolate goes soft when held?

It melts when we hold it in our hand it melts because when we hold it in our hands the heat (body heat) melts the chocolate.

What is the difference between soft soldering and soldering?

The techniques for soft and hard soldering are the same. The difference is in the type of solder used. Soft solder would have a lower melting point and therefore would require less heat. This is usually used for things that can be damaged by excessive heating.

What type of solid turns soft as it melts?

metals and waxes

What is soft stage or plastic range is soldering?

When solder is neither solid or liquid, mushy state.

Is it possible to solder dress making pins together?

Yes. However, you will not use lead based solder as it is to soft. It would need to use "silver solder" and a small, high energy gas torch - If the pins are end on the weld will be rather fragile

How tough is silver?

Not very, is melts similar to gold, and is also nearly as soft.

When something becomes soft and falls apart it whats?

disintegrates. melts. mushenizes.

Which soft drink has the lowest sodium?

coke zero

What is the lowest price share in nse?

fcs soft

What is flux in soldering?

Flux can be in many different forms. it can be in the solder, it can be in a soft form like butter, or it can be in a pen like a tide stain stick. it is used on the solder iron and on the thing you're soldering to make a good surface for the solder to stick to. Basically it makes soldering easier, it can be done with out it.

Is silver solder 100 percent silver?

No. 100% silver would be pure silver. Noble silver, Argentium nobalis. which is super soft and shiny. it is very difficult to tarnish. Silver solder is an alloy. An alloy being a mixture of metals. Hard solder is around 67% silver eg. the amount of silver generally goes down as its melting temperature goes down. Soft solder is likely around 45% eg. it could vary massively from company to company and application. A recipe for hard solder is. 1/2 parts tombac brass, to 1 part pure silver. Adding 5% zinc to this, would lower its melting temperature enough to call it softer solder for aplication. Caution, careful of this recipe for jewelry application. it might not meat your countries standard for silver content and you could be breaking the law. Research the percentage of silver necessary to meat the requirements. do not add metals to it you know nothing about. You could hurt someone. All of this should be do buy someone with good knowledge.

Is butter soft or tough?

Unlike many dairy products, you can leave butter out for a few days (preferable in a covered container) and it will not go bad. It becomes soft and easy to spread. When in the fridge, it's fairly tough until it melts in the pan or on warm toast. So, butter can be either depending on temperature.

What solder do you use on copper tubing for plumbing?

Copper tubing solder "Solder" is an erroneous term as solder mean lead which of course is banned (safe water drinking act) Sweating is another term for "soldering" Copper can be joined by various alloys such as 95 % tin -5% Anatomy or one of the many silver bearing types of low temperature alloys. For the strongest possible joints brazing is the best way to go with a tensile strength over 87,000 PSI compared to soft solder joints of 16,000 PSI For DWV copper joints one can use one of the lead tin solders such as 50 -50 as it is quite easy to work woth.

What has the author C J Thwaites written?

C. J. Thwaites has written: 'Soldering' -- subject(s): Solder and soldering 'Capillary joining -- brazing and soft-soldering' -- subject(s): Brazing, Solder and soldering 'Hot-tinning'

What does The element silver feel like?

Well, it's a metal, and a fairly soft one at that. Feels pretty much like solder.

Disadvantages of soft drinks?

lots of sugar temporarily melts the enamel from your teeth leaving them unprotected. my answer i that subway soft drinks have so much ugar in them that u go hypo

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