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his name is michael

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Q: What is the lunatics name in Walk Two Moons?
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Whats the lunatics name in Walk Two Moons?

The lunatics name was Mike Bickle.

What is sal' mom's name in walk two moons?


Is there a Walk Two Moons two?

yes there is, but only as a user-made video on youtube.

What is Salmanca?

A name for a Indian tribe and its a girl name from walk two moons

What is the website for the movie Walk Two Moons?

Walk Two Moons was not made into a movie.

Sal's moms name in the book walk two moons is?


In Walk two moons what is salamancas mother real name?


What was the last name of the survivor in the book Walk Two Moons?


What is the name to the sequel of Walk Two Moons?

Absolutely Normal Chaos

What is the maiden name of sals mother in walk two moons?


What is Ben's last name in Walk Two Moons?

Ben's last name was name was Finney.

When was Walk Two Moons created?

Walk Two Moons was created on 1994-06-30.