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Q: What is the lyrics of Live High by Jason Mraz?
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I have some lyrics for Jason Mraz - Would he want them?

It is Jason Mraz's choice.

Where does Jason mraz live?

Jason Mraz lives in San Diego, California.

Who wrote the lyrics of Jason Mraz's song Geek In The Pink?

The song Geek In The Pink sung by Jason Mraz and was written by Jason Mraz, Kevin Kadish, Scott Storch, and Ian Sheridan.

What nationality is Jason Mraz Jason mraz?

Jason mraz is American, but mraz is of czechoslovakian descent.

What kind of farm does Jason Mraz live on?


Does Jason mraz have an underbite?

Jason Mraz does not have a underbite

What school did Jason Mraz go to?

Jason Mraz went to Chickahominy Middle School and Atlee High school in Mechanicsville, VA

Where can a person find a list of Jason Mraz songs?

A list of Jason Mraz songs can be found in many places. Online music stores such as iTunes will have all of Jason Mraz's songs listed, as well as websites for looking up song lyrics.

Is Jason Mraz related to George Mraz the bassist?

"No." Jason Mraz's dad's name is Thomas Mraz

Was the Jason mraz song 'I am yours' on a movie soundtrack?

I believe the tune was in 'Australia' but no lyrics.

What is Jason mraz most recent CD released?

Jason Mraz's - Beautiful Mess - Live on Earth - Atlantic Recording Corporation - 2009

Where can you find the lyrics to the Jason Mraz song 'I'm Yours'?

The easiest way is to google "Jason Mraz I'm Yours Lyrics." You will find a myriad of sites that list the lyrics, although some of them include (but are not limited to) MetroLyrics, LyricsMode, Sing365, LyricsMania, Lyricsty, et cetera.

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