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What’s is the main conflict in this story

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Life wit Kennedy Wal...

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What did Jessie do to help watch

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Q: What is the main conflict of the boxcar children?
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Who is the main charcter for boxcar children the pizza mystery?

the children themselves (Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny) and their grandfather are the main characters in all of the boxcar children series books. And sometimes their housekeeper, Mrs. McGregor

What is a common noun for the boxcar children?

"Children" is a common noun for the Boxcar Children.

How many boxcar children books are there?

Altogether there are 148 Boxcar Children Books. This includes 127 books in the series, and 21 specials.

How many pages does the boxcar children book one have?

The first book in The Boxcar Children series has 154 pages.

What is the boxcar children about?

The boxcar children is about four kids who live in a boxcar and take of each other until their granfather find them and takes care of them(:

Who is the main character in the boxcar children in the haunted cabin mystery?

The main character in "The Haunted Cabin Mystery" from The Boxcar Children series is Henry, the eldest of the Alden siblings. Henry, along with his siblings Jessie, Violet, and Benny, solve mysteries and go on adventures together throughout the series.

What is the genre for the boxcar children?

a mystery and fictional

Name's of the character's in boxcar children?

Grandfather Mrs. McGregor (housekeeper) Henry Alden Jessie Alden Violet Alden Benny Alden and Watch, their dog Those are the main characters of the Boxcar Children Series :D awesome this is liliangirl1

Do Borders stores have Boxcar Children books?

Borders stores may have Boxcar Children books in stock. However, it is best to check the specific store's inventory or contact them directly to confirm availability.

What is the plot in The Boxcar Children?

What’s is the main conflict in this story

Where does Mystery Ranch of the Boxcar Children take place?

Mystery Ranch in "The Boxcar Children" series takes place in the countryside, in an old ranch with a cabin and surrounding wilderness. The exact location is not specified, but it is depicted as a remote and peaceful setting where the Alden children have exciting adventures.

What was the climax in the boxcar children book 1?

The climax of "The Boxcar Children" book 1 is when the children discover the abandoned boxcar in the woods and decide to make it their home. This pivotal moment sets the stage for the rest of the story as they begin their adventure of living independently and solving mysteries.