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A metal is a material bonded with metallic bonds. As such we cannot confine its form to a single form, because it is meant to change with conditions. Each metal has its own form. Most of the metals would take crytalline form at room temprature and atmospheric pressure.

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what does non metal and non metal form?

it form oxide

Is ore crudest form of metal?

Ore is not a form of metal, it is a form of stone, from which metal can be extracted.

In what form is metal sold?

what form is metal sold

What a metal tends to form with a nonmetal?

A metal and a non-metal tend to form a salt.

When is metal not metal?

Any metal that is in its elemental form is considered metal. A substance that contains a metal in its ionized form is considered a salt.

What is the main metal present in gold?

The main metal present in gold is gold.

What is the main metal in steel and it is also magnetic?

the main metal is iron and yes it is magnetic

What does a metal and non metal form when they react?

They form an ionic compound.

When a metal and a non metal reacts they most often form what?

When a metal and a non metal react, they most often form an ionic bond.

Which non metal form x2o5?

which non-metal element form x205 ?

What are the 3 main classes of an element?

They are: Metal, Semi-Metal, Non-Metal

What is metal powder?

It is a metal in powdered form.

When a metal and a non metal element combine they form what type of compound ionic or molecular?

A metal and a non-metal bond to form an ionic compound.

How do you form an ionic compound?

Combination of a metal with a non metal will form an ionic compound.

Will an ionic or covalent bond form between lithium and fluorine atoms?

Covalent (molecular) bonds form between a non-metal and a non-metal, while ionic bonds form between a metal and a non-metal. Lithium is a metal and fluorine is a non-metal.

Is lead a main group element transition metal or inner transition metal?

Lead is a main group element

What is the bond form in metal and metal?

metallic bond.

Which metal is tetravalent but does not form an amalgam?

the metal is platinum

What do metal oxides form?

Metal Salts + water

How do metal atoms form ions?

Metal atoms form ions by losing valence electrons.

Is rhenium a non-metal?

all elements that are not main group elements are metals, and since rhenium is not a main group element, it is a metal. Hope this helped!

Is Ag a main group element transition metal or inner transition metal?

Transition Metal

What are the 3 main types of elements?

Metal, non-metal and metalloid.

What metal is wire made of?

Copper is the main metal used in wiring.

What are 2 main divisions of the periodic table?

metal and non metal

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