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1. To support the weight of the head, peripherals and trunk

2. To provide stability to the general structure of the whole body and maintain its shape and posture

3. To protect the spinal cord

4. To provide shock absorption by way of intervertebral discs and primary and secondary spinal curves

5. To permit and restrict movements by way of intervertebral discs, facets, ligaments and muscle attachments

6. To store some of the bodies minerals, such as calcium

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The purpose of the spine is to provide structure to the skeletal system. The spine runs from the neck to the pelvis.

The main purpose of the skull is to provide solid protection to the brain.

The human spine is equal to endoskelikton

The human spine is different then an animal spine in a few ways. One way is that it can support biped motion.

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No. The Human Spine does not Grow Back.

Each human has only one spine. I'm not sure if you meant vertebrae, of which there are 33 in each spine.

cervical spine,thoracic spine,lumbar spine and sacrum

Yes, they have a spine much like a human.

The spine is a part of the endoskeleton.

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The human backbone, or spine, is composed of 33 bones. It is divided into segments: the cervical spine, the thoracic spine, the lumbar spine, the sacrum, and the coccyx.

There are 7 cranial bones in the spine.

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Relaying messages between the body and the brain!

The spine, or vertebral column, protects the spinal cord of the nervous system.

vertebrae in a human spine

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There are 7 bones in the cervical region of the human spine. These vertebrae are specialized for rotation.

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