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When Ali and Emma and Sissy go in te canoe on the lake. Or when sissy tells them who she really is

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The main character is 13 year old Ali.

1st person. It was told by the protagonist, and main character, Ali.

the main characters are ali,sissy,dulcie,Clair,alis mother,and the ghost of Teresaali, emma,dulcie,claire,sissy(which is teresa's ghost).AliSissy

Rohan especially Helms Deep, Fangorn Forest, and the outskirts of Mordor.

Allison, the main character Emma, Ali's cousin Sissy, the ghost of Teresa Teresa, died when falling off of a canoe Aunt Dulcie, Ali's aunt Claire, Ali's mother

Ali (13 year old) finds a picture of her mom , her aunt dulcie , and the other person is ripped out . The pic. was taken at the same place shes going to this summer . There she trys to find out who that person in the pic. was .

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The setting and main characters

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