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Do armadillos face threat of extinction?

The only species of armadillo that is vulnerable to extinction is the giant armadillo of South America. The pink fairy armadillo may also be vulnerable but its status is currently uncertain.

Why does the armadillo face the threat of extinction?

Many species of armadillos face extinction. These include : Brazilian Three-Banded Armadillo Giant Armadillo Chacoan naked-tailed Armadillo Pichi Pink fairy armadillo Andean hairy armadillo Greater fairy armadillo Hairy Long Nosed armadillo Most species of armadillos face so form of threat to the species, but these are the most severe. Many of these are due to habitat loss and over hunting. Conservation efforts are in effect for most of these, but it is feared for some, like the pink fairy armadillo, to be too late.

Which of these is the main threat to the survival of elephant species?

They are being poached for ivory.

Which of these choices is the main threat to the survival of polar bears?

Climate change

Which of these choices is the main threat to the survival of elephant species?

There is a global demand for ivory.

How many different types of armadillos are there?

About 30 species of armadillo have been described.They include:nine-banded armadillonorthern naked-tailed armadilloseven-banded armadillosouthern long-nosed armadilloLlanos long-nosed armadillogreater long-nosed armadillohairy long-nosed armadillo or woolly armadilloYepes's mulitaDasypus bellus or the beautiful armadillo (extinct)southern three-banded armadilloBrazilian three-banded armadillogreater fairy armadilloscreaming hairy armadillobig hairy armadilloAndean hairy armadillohorned armadillopink fairy armadillosix-banded armadilloPichisouthern naked-tailed armadilloChacoan naked-tailed armadillogreater naked-tailed armadillo

Which is the most aggressive and the most largest armadillo?

The largest armadillo is the giant armadillo of South America. No armadillo is aggressive.

What kind of animal is a threat to a panther?

The main animal that is a threat to a panther would be man.

What is the main threat to pink river dolphin?


What is the main threat towards hedgehogs?


What are the main threats of tornadoes?

The main threat in a tornado is flying or falling debris.

Is an armadillo a vegetable?

No, an armadillo is a mammal.

What dangers baby turtles?

The main threat is seagulls

Which of these situations is the main threat to the survival of polar bears?

Climate change is melting the ice in polar bears' hunting territory

Is an armadillo a reptile?

Armadillo is a its a mammal

Can you milk an armadillo?

No, you cannot milk an armadillo.

What is the plural of armadillo?

The plural of armadillo is armadillos.

What animal is friends with a armadillo?

another armadillo

Is an armadillo a carnivore or herbivore?

An armadillo is a herbivore.

What is the name of a baby armadillo?

A baby armadillo is called a pup.A baby armadillo is called a pup.

How large is the largest and smallest armadillo?

The pink fairy armadillo is the smallest and the largest is the Giant Armadillo.

How many species of armadillo are there?

There are 22 species of armadillo, and one extinct species - the 'beautiful armadillo'.

Where does a screaming hairy armadillo live?

The screaming hairy armadillo (Chaetophractus vellerosus) is a species of armadillo also known as the small screaming armadillo, crying armadillo or the small hairy armadillo. It is a burrowing armadillo found in the central and southern parts of South America. The adjective "screaming" derives from its habit of squealing when handled or threatened.

What is a beautiful armadillo?

A beautiful armadillo is an extinct prehistoric species of armadillo, Latin name Dasypus bellus.

What is the shape of the body of an armadillo?

The picture above is of the nine-banded armadillo and a typical armadillo. You describe the shape.

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