What is the major occupation of people of uttarakhand?

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Uttarakhand has very strange type of topography and this forces most people to AGRICULTURE only. Although this region is popular for it's contribution in Indian Army but good portion of locals are engaged in agriculture only.
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What are the Sioux Indians' major occupations?

Answer . The Sioux Are still involved in certain agrarian ocupations Such as wild rice harversting and also fishing. However, today in Minnesota at least, they are all involved in casino ownership. \n. \nThere have been serious issues as to whom may be considered a Sioux. Intermarriage among non ( Full Answer )

What are the main occupations of the people in Thailand?

Answer . Agricultural jobs. . Answer . Not really sure what level of detail you need but according to the Bank of Thailand [2006] they listed the following figures (based on a labour force of 35.36 million) [Unemployment runs at just over 0.5 million]: . Sector GDP by Sector (%) La ( Full Answer )

What are the major occupations of Louisiana?

Major occupations in Louisiana include petroleum refinery workers,petroleum delivery drivers, chemists, hospitality workers,shipbuilders, and forestry rangers. In recent years there has alsobeen an increase in the demand for commercial fisherman, shippingand commerce workers, as well as biotechnolog ( Full Answer )

Life and occupation of people in prairies?

The people of this region are very hard working, they mainly do cultivation, run milk dairies and make milk products. The people of the prairies had a very tough time, when they first arrived, and settled there. The land was cheap and hostile, they building their homes, then started to farm. Beginni ( Full Answer )

What are ohio's major occupations?

The major occupations in Ohio include tire builders, materialsscientists, doctors, accountants, engineers and many more. All thejobs have a different pay rate.

What is the major occupation in Vietnam?

The basic military force of the United States of America is the United States Army. The US Marines are part of the Navy. The US Coast Guard was part of the Department of Transportation, now is part of the Homeland Security. The US Air Force and US Navy are "strategic forces" able to conduct war 24-7 ( Full Answer )

What is your occupation if you care for peoples feet?

what is your occupation if you care for peoples feet?. what is your occupation if you care for peoples feet?. what is your occupation if you care for peoples feet?. what is your occupation if you care for peoples feet?

What is the major occupation in China?

One of the major occupations of China is to be a businessman orwoman. Farming is also very popular. Military service is popular aswell.

What is the main occupation of people in udupi?

The main occupation of the people of udupi is farming or hotel business. However many have left their homelands in search of better employment and are now well placed everywhere in the world, in hotel business and other enterprises as by and large people of dakshin kannada are an enterprising lot. N ( Full Answer )

What was the major occupation in the middle colonies?

The Middle Colonies were known as the 'bread basket' of the colonies because of the rich soil which allowed them to farm. Families planted crops such as maize, wheat, rye, potatoes, peas, and flax. Flax was used to make cloth; corn was one of the main foods eaten in the colonies. Agriculture was n ( Full Answer )

What are Alaska's major occupations?

Alaska's major occupations involve fishing and oil. There are manyopportunities in the tourism industry including front desk andbehind the scenes positions. Jobs are easy to get in the summermonths.

What is the occupation of the people in Amazon Basin?

July 2003 saw a significant discovery in Ecuador by IRD archaeologists: 4000-year-old structures indicating the presence of one of the first great Andean civilizations in the upper Amazon Basin, where their presence had not been suspected. The site is at Santa Ana- La Florida in the south of Ecuador ( Full Answer )

What is occupation of Bhuiyar people?

The behavioral occupation of Bhuiyar / Bhuyiar ( भुइयार ) is weaving; therefore the caste is also called as the " Bhanyar Julaha :," Bunkar Samaj " ( Hinhu Julaha ) ( हिन्दु जुलाहा ) ," kabir Panthi" Kori ( Full Answer )

What are major occupations in Alabama?

The major occupations in Alabama include traffic technicians,doctors, lawyers, accountants and so many more. All theseoccupations have a different pay rate.

What were the major occupations of the ottoman empire?

The ottoman turks were mainly spice traders through the mountains near Europe who fought any other traders who came through the area to protect their own trade paths. Other than that the ottomans were almost all artisans with little shops or sharp-shooters/warriors.

What are the major occupations in Delaware?

The major occupations in Delaware include ship loaders, electricalrepairs, engineering, chemist, credit checkers, cashiers and somany more. All the jobs have a varied pay scale.

What is the main occupation of people in Wales?

There is no single main occupation, but these days, most people in Wales work in retail, the service sector (i.e. banking, insurance, mains services, local Government etc.), agriculture, and manufacturing, especially in high-tech industries such as computer manufacture, specialist electronic compone ( Full Answer )

What are the occupations of the people of Northern Ireland?

Miscellaneous bits and pieces of light industry, plus a lot of Government work. The great old industries (ships (H&W), engineering (Scirocco), linen (Ewart, Brookfield, Edenderry), rope (Belfast ropeworks), shirts (Tyrone) have all long gone.

What is the occupation of the people living in the desert?

School teachers, store owners, firemen, doctors, nurses, mechanics,police, secretaries, businessmen, and any occupation you can thinkof live and work in the desert. Millions of people live in citiesand towns around the world that are located in deserts and theyhave the same occupations as people who ( Full Answer )

What is main occupation of people in Europe?

In Europe,agriculture is the main occupation.Due to the colonizers it has not only become a major, important and necessary occupation but it is also an occupation which feeds the whole particular nation.understanding the importance of such a life supporting occupation, it has been declared in Europe ( Full Answer )

What are Suriname's five major occupations?

Civil service, farming, fishing, mining and services are Suriname's five major occupations. Specifically, the employment picture is changing in Suriname. But civil service positions are valued for the pay and prestige. Farming and fishing can be dangerous, demanding and precarious occupations, bu ( Full Answer )

What are five major occupations in Denmark?

1. Making pie 2. Making up words 3. Giving purple nurples 4. Making money 5.Writing encyclopedias (6)Even through it`s not in the question. Paleontology.

What is tribal people occupation?

Most tribal people are subsistance farmers so they often don't havean occupation because they spend most of their time growing theirfood or hunting to get food

What is Vatican City's major occupation?

There are many occupations in the Vatican but the maintenance andcustodial staff probably account for the greatest number of thoseemployed as well as the security staff provided by the Swiss Guardand the Vatican Police. There are alos tour guides, museum staff,food service workers, clerical and admi ( Full Answer )

Which is the main occupation of the people of the desert?

Doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, store owners, police officers,food workers, constuction workers, truck drivers, clergy and manyothers - the same types of jobs available elsewhere outside thedesert.

What are the occupations of people living in plateaus?

Agriculture is the main occupation of the people though there are; numerous industries and mines in the area too. The crops grown and occupations of people of these states even mining is one of the main occuptin

What are some of the occupations people have in Canada?

Everyone is either A: a lumberjack B: fur trader C: igloo builder D: polar bear rider E: Caribou hunter F: All of the above G: professional hockey player (until the NHL steals them then they move to the US)

What are the major occupations of Bangladesh?

Two thirds of the Bangladeshi population are farmers (rice, tea, mango, potato, and onion are major crops). A large majority also work in clothing manufacturing. And then you have the "red light districts" which house thousands of prostitutes, most of whom never have the opportunity to leave.

What is the major mineral found in uttarakhand?

The minerals that are found in the district are the following- Asbestos -This isof the amosite variety and can be used for the production ofasbestos, cement bricks, laboratory asbestos sheet and paper, butis not considered to be of economic importance. Magnestic - Thisis of an average quality i ( Full Answer )

What are the occupation of people of Canada?

At the age of 16 all young Canadians are placed in one of two occupational training courses; maple syrup harvesting and the production of Canadian bacon.

What is occupation of people in kerala?

Native traditions of classical performing arts include koodiyattom, a form of Sanskritdrama or theatre and a UNESCO-designated Human Heritage Art. Kathakali (fromkatha ("story") and kali ("performance")) is a 500-year-old form of dance-drama that interprets ancient epics; a popularized offshoot of k ( Full Answer )

What are some of the occupations of the Brazilian people?

Doctor, teacher, engineer, mechanic, biologist, janitor, phisicist, veterinarian, architect, gardener, painter, writer, poet, singer, actor/actress, musician, electrician, salesperson, fireman, policeman, soldier, computer analyst, pharmacist, IT manager, philosopher, psychiatrist, politician, house ( Full Answer )

What does a Occupational Therapist do to help people?

Patients which suffer from injuries, illnesses or disabilities can be treated by occupational therapists. The therapist observes the patients doing tasks, asks questions, comes up with a treatment plan and much more.

What is Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand or Uttaranchal was carved out of 13 districts of Uttar Pardesh in 9th of Nov2000. It became the 27th state of the Indian Union with a total area of around 53,483 sqkms. Dehradun was made the state capital.