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There are only male sea horses no female

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Do sea horses have a gender?

yes and male sea horses carry the babies in a pouch

What are some characteristics of sea horses?

Either female or male sea horses can become pregnant.

Are sea horses hermaphrodites?

Sea horses are not hermaphrodites. The male however carries and fertilizes the eggs.

What name is sometimes given to Carmargue horses?

Horses of the sea, or sea horses.

Do sea horses feed and protect there kids?

Yes, sea horses do feed and protect their kids. Both male and female sea horses can have babies. they can have up to 1000 in one day and they come out of the sea horses stomach

Are male sea horses bisexual?

No They just give birth

Do you have to have a male seahorse if you have a female seahorse?

You don't really have to have a male seahorse if you have a female sea horse but if you want to have little baby sea horses you can have a male sea horse. If i were you i would want a male sea horse for company for the female.

In one birthing how many young does the sea horse produce?

male sea horses produce 100-200 baby sea horses! once a male sea horse even produced 1,257 young in one day! amazing, right?!?!

Are seahorses and normal horses the same?

no sea horses and normal horses are completely different. sea horses get there name because they are sea creatures that somewhat look like actual horses that you ride

What is a group of horses called and name of male horse?

a group of horses is called a herd, and a male horse is a stallion

Can male snapping turtles lay eggs?

no the only male animal that can lay eggs are sea horses

Do any male animals lay eggs?

Sea Horses lay eggs .

Do male sea horses hvae uterous?

No, but they have a sort of pouch where they carry their young.

How does sea horses spend its day?

Swimming and caring for its young (the male does, if it has any).

What nickname is sometimes given to Carmargue horses?

The nick name of the camargue horses is "horses of the sea"

Where does the female sea horse lay her eggs?

Sea horses lay their eggs in the male. The male has a special pouch that will carry the eggs until they all hatch.

What is the connection between the horses the moon and the sea according to Greek mythology?

the answer is : the horses name is Mare the moon sets at the sea. :)

How do sea horses care for there eggs?

The female deposits the eggs in a pouch on the male seahorse's stomachs. When the eggs hatch, the pouch opens, and tiny, tiny sea horses swim out.

An interesting fact about sea horses?

The male holdsthe baby and gives berth also.

What is doing the girl sea horse durinng hi is pregnant?

I think male sea horses are the ones that produces babies

What are male horses male horses and young horses called starting with st?

Male horses are stallions, neutered adult males are geldings, and baby male horses are colts.

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