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What is the male version of a cow?


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Bull ..... the cow mates with a bull!!

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A bull is a male version a female cow is a COW

Bulls also have a four-chambered stomach. Bulls are just a male version of a cow.

The feminine version of a bull is the cow. Cows are the mature female counterpart of the bull, which is a mature male bovine.

A bull is the male form of a cow.

It depends on what breed the cow is as to what colour the cow is . A male and a female cow are the same colour.

A male cow is called a bull.

A "male cow" is called a bull if intact or a steer if castrated. A "baby cow" is called a calf.

There really is no such thing as a male cow. Cow is female and Bull is male.

The milk you drink comes from a female cow. "Male cows" don't exist. A bull or steer, on the other hand, does exist, and these are the male composites of a cow.

There is no such thing as a male cow. The masculine of cow is bull, and they don't have an udder.

A cow. Male = bull Female = cow Castrated male = steer

Fiancé is the male version. Fiancée is the female version.

Yes, but they are not functional like that on a cow.

Bulls are male cowsWhen a bull and a cow (all cows are female)'mate' if the cow has a 'male' cow its called a 'bull'

There is no such thing as a male cow. A cow is a mature female bovine that had had a calf, and a bull is an intact male bovine. So the young offspring of a bull and cow is a calf.

The female version of a bull is a cow!! :)

The male version of a heiress is an heir.

Yes , a cow can produce both male and female offspring. A bull is an Adult male, Intact cow (meaning not castrated or dehorned)

The opposite of a cow (female) is a bull (uncastrated male).

Bull = male cow = female

No. Cows are female mature bovines. Bulls are male. Thus there is no such thing as a "boy cow" or "male cow."

A steer. Steers are castrated bulls, not cows. Cows do not have testes either, and, there is no such thing as a "male cow".

There is no male version for the name Sharon.

Bulls and CowsFemale: CowMale: BULLA female giraffe is called a cow and a male giraffe is called a bull

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