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What is the manufacture date of a Parker Brothers 12 gauge shotgun serial number 211687?


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Your Parker Bros. shotgun was made in 1925.

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You need to give the serial number on a Parker.

The serial of you Parker shotgun did not print in your question. But to find a date by serial number, there is a Parker Gun collector website that has a list of serial #'s and date of manufacture. The website is :

It depends on the serial number, one cannot get the date of manufacture with out the serial number

Go to this web site, Register and then click on manufacturing dates by serial #. that should work for all Parker guns except those made by Remingtion. lcj

Yes, they made 242,487 shotguns between 1869 & 1942.

It would top out at $250 as a mantle decoration. Unless you mean a Parker Brothers shotgun. Then it could be several thousand dollars.

Since the Parker guns have been out of production for over 50 years, I would start with the Parker Collector's Association.

What year is a Parker Shotgun Serial number 126212

Yes they have Parker Brothers!

To determine the exact value of a Parker Brothers 12 gauge double barrel shotgun manufactured in 1878, there are a few factors that would need to be taken into consideration. Most important of these factors being, the condition of the shotgun.

It will depend on model number, year of manufacture and condition. Parker is one of the better brands, so it would be worth checking with more than one seller or collector to get an idea of its worth. Always ask at least two sources, to be sure you get a fair estimate. Keep in mind there were also inexpensive copies of Parker with similar markings such as "T. Parker" and "D. Parker", that are worth very little.

This shotgun was manufactured in 1893 by Parker Brothers of Meriden, CT. You can get much more information from the Parker Gun Collectors Association website. They are a very knowledgeable group of Parker enthusiasts.

To answer your question quickly,the answer is none.Parker Bros.began production of there shotguns in the year 1866.They continued production until 1934 when Remington took over production and then moved the plant to Ilion,New York in 1938.While you mave have a shotgun dated to 1840,this would not be a Parker Brothers shotgun.

i have a t parker double barrel shotgun im wondering how much it is worth?

No. What would the company that produced the finest American double barrel shotgun want with a utilitarian import?

To appraise a shotgun like this, one would need the gun to examine & that appraisal would run about $200.00 to $250.00.

My records indicate that your Parker GH grade shotgun was made in the year 1888.

Any good gunsmith can find or make parts for your shotgun. It might take several weeks to a year or more. Parker Brothers are a top of the line shotgun, and a shotgun in working shape is worth more than a broken one. Do some checking around at a local gun show, or surf the web for parts.

the Parker brothers..monopoly...

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