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What is the manufacture date of a colt 1903 With hammer serial number 284504?


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2009-04-26 21:50:07 has Colt sn data.

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Which model??? Should be marked on the tang of the rifle behind the hammer. The year of manufacture for serial number 9086 is 1885. from:

The first two digits of the serial number designate the year of manufacture, either as the last two digits of the year (in 1969-71) or as a number code (1971 and later)..

According to the serial number, you have a Crass model gun. The manufacture date is around 1898. Check out

You will need to include the serial number to get the correct year of manufacture.

No serial number = no way to answer.

To locate the correct serial number for manufacturing purposes, look on the back panel or the motherboard. ?æThe serial number is a series of numbers and letters. the year of manufacture will be part of the serial number, the two?ædigits following the year will be the week of manufacture.

The year of manufacture for serial number 3699507 is 1972.

What is year of manufacture of a Browning Shotgun A-5 with serial number 01553NP111?

The 2 letters in your serial number identify the year of manufacture for your browning cynergy as 2004.

You have listed the model number of your rifle,not the serial number.

No way to answer without a serial number.

It depends on the serial number, one cannot get the date of manufacture with out the serial number

Buy the serial number you provided the year of manufacture of your springfield M-1 garand is 1944.

What is the manufacture date of a Colt AR15 rifle serial number 192754 model SP1

What is the year of manufacture of Winchester model 94 rifle serial number 2359141

to secure an accurate manufacture date the FULL serial number is needed.

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

No way to answer without a maker and serial number.

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