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Impossible to answer without the serial number. You will have to call S&W

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Depending on condition, $150-$400.

The serial number C642424 was assigned to the Smith and Wesson models 10,11,12,45,Air crewman and there pre model variations.The year of manufacture for your serial number is between 1963-1964.

No such sn with a S prefix. You will have to call S&W.

Call Smith and Wesson at 800-331-0852 at extension 2905. Give them the serial number and they will quickly give the year.

Call S&W and they will tell you when it left the factory.

Impossible to answer without the sn. call SW with the sn and they can tell you.

You must provide a detailed description and the serial number.

Impossible to answer without a serial number.

You will need to add the model of Smith and Wesson to your serial number to get the correct year of manufacture.

No serial number provided; no way to answer.

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