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Your Marlin model 1894S was made in the year 1988 with the serial number that you have supplied.

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Is the marlin 1894s rifle barrel interchangeable with the 1894 octagon barrel?

yes in most cases it can be interchanged with little or no modification

Does Marlin make a 44 mag or 45 cal rifle with a pistol grip stock?

Don't think so. That is the Marlin 1894S, and all that I have seen have the straight stock, unlike the Model 336 with a pistol grip stock..

Did Winchester ever factory drill Model 1894s for a receiver sight?

Yes, on certain models. Around serial number 1600000 and beyond.

How do you remove the magazine on a Marlin 1894S Rifle?

If you go to Marlin's web site you can download a pdf file of the manual, which includes instructions on how to disassemble your 1894. http://www.marlinfirearms.com/pdfs/manuals/MFC_Centerfire_1894.pdf

What is a marlin 41 cal rifle mod 1894 worth?

The original Marlin model 1894S was made in 41 Magnum from 1988-1991.These rifles are valued at between 275-450 dollars depending on condition.The later model 1894FG which was made in 41 Magnum from 2003-2007 will bring between 250-400 dollars depending on condition.I must say that depending on where you are at in the country will influence the price and value.Here in the upper midwest the price will be higher,but may not be that high in the far west,or south.

What is the most valuable liberty head dime?

If you mean a Barber dime that is also called a Liberty Head dime the rarest is 1894s with only 24 known, the last one that sold went for $1,552,500.00 in OCT-2007

How is rifling rated?

By the twist rate, which is measured in the number of inches per full revolution. For instance, the old original Model 1894s in 30 W.C.F. were made with a rifling twist rate of 12:1. Or in more simple terms, the bullet turns one full revolution in each 12-inches of barrel travel.

How much is a 1894S barber head dime worth?

Only 24 of these are known. Current retail prices range from $75,000 in G-4 condition to about $300,000 in MS-60. If you have one it is almost certainly a counterfeit. BTW, the coin is referred to as a Liberty Head dime or more often a Barber dime. Barber is the name of the coin's designer; the image is of Miss Liberty; it doesn't have Mr. Barber's head depicted on the front.

J Stevens favorite 22lr marked j1 is this the first one?

I shall try to cut a long winded story short here - First of all the answer is definitely NOT. If your rifle has either a full length octagon barrel OR a full length round barrel then it is a 1912 IF it has no date on top tang. If it has Model 1915 on the top tang then that speaks for itself. If your rifle has a sideplate on the receiver then it is a Model 1889 sideplate and only 1500 of these first Stevens Favorites were made up until 1894. The Model 1894 has a part round and part Octagonal barrel then it was made up until 1912. IF it has an ejector that comes up the left side of the action then it IS an early 1894. I have determined 14 differences so far in the first 1894s and an 1894 made in 1902. If your rifle has a mainspring that is NOT screwed in place but is wedged against a capstan then it is an early 1894 - other indicators of an early 1894 are a shorter lower tang, several slight differences in the profile radius's of the receiver the most noted differences being sharp edges around the Octagonal receiver ring and a sharp, square angle to the receiver instead of a rounded radius beside the side ejector. If your rifle has a high serial number like 40677 then it is a very early rifle as the early rifles were numbered in the same serial number range as the tip ups etc so that serial number40676 and serial number 40678 may not actually be Favorites! Later on serial numbers were generally up to three digits prefixed by a letter, eg M 25 or L 698 or O 175 and so on. The letters were assigned randomly and not in order of A, B , C etc so that the L prefix letters may have been assigned before the A prefix numbers. Hope this helps.

What is a Winchester 1 in 1000?

Well Its actually a Winchester "1 of 1000." In 1876 Winchester firearms co. came up with an ad campaign of the 1 of 1000 and 1 of 100. The ad read something to the effect of one out of ever 1000 rifles well be selected which have highly accurate barrels, and being well shooting rifles. The 1 of 100 rifles were to be rifles that weren't quite as good as the one of one thousand. All the guns were engraved either 1of1000 or 1of100 on the barrel and have set triggers, and deluxe wood stocks. They also could be ordered to have any of the special order features that were offered at the time. Examples special stock lengths, special barrel lengths, special weight barrels also known as "bull barrels". special sights, special length magazines, half-round or half-Octagon barrels, shotgun buttstocks, pistol-grip buttstocks or a combo of pistol-grip and shotgun buttstocks, additional engraving, inscriptions, gold & silver plating, extra oil finishes, inside polished finishes. Basically anything possible at the day and time of gun manufacturing. The 1of1000s where only offered in the models 1873 and 1876. Less than about 150 1 of 1000 model 73s were produced and less than 70 1 of 1000 models 76s were produced. Less than 10 1 of 100 were produced for both the 73 & 76 models. Many Years later in 1960s I believe Winchester produced some model 1894s and model 70s that are engraved with the 1 of 1000 mark. There are a couples of good books on the subject by R.L.Wilson. And most recently by Dr. Ed Lewis.

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