What is the marble dropping sound you hear in your walls or from the apartment above you this is the second DC apartment you have heard it in and apparently people in Singapore hear this too?

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Water hammer occurs when water flow is shut off suddenly like when the toilet is flushed. This change in pressure rattles the piping and create 'clanging'sounds, which may sound like marbles dropping after distortion through concrete walls. :)
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How do you hear sound?

1.Energy 2.Vibration 3.Disturbs air molecules 4.Creates sound waves 5.Sound waves enter the ear canal 6.Sound waves cause eardrums to vibrate 7.Vibrating eardrum sends message to nerves which carry the message to the brain.

How can you hear sound?

because if you was def and u had a dog the dog will bark or pick up the phone and give it to the def person. also the dog might see the flashing light on phone and start barking. there are things in your ear that make you hear.

How do people hear sound?

The humans hear sounds using their ears. When sound waves enter theear they go through a process making the sound waves translatedfrom vibrations to meaningful explanations and of course theprocess requires the help of the brain to translate every sound wehear.

How does the ear hear sound through a wall?

your ear hears sounds through a wall because of basic physics. when a noise is made, the air particles move. the particles then transfer the engery they received onto another particle. this process continues till you can hear the sound (till the particles reach your ear) you can hear though a wall b ( Full Answer )

Can people hear all sounds?

No. There is a frequency range in which people can hear. Very high frequency or low frequency sounds are inaudible to us, but can be heard by some other creatures, like dogs for example.

Why hear sound?

The vibration from sounds hit the tympanic membrane (ear drum), which in turns causes the ossicles (malleus, incus, and stapes) to amplify and send the signals to the cochlear (inner ear). The cochlear processes the sounds and sends the information through the Vestibulocochlear nerve to the brain.

Why do you hear sound?

We hear sound by using our ears,one of the most important part of the ear is the eardrum, it helps us to communicate on telephones, conversations, or we can even use it as what we call 'peripheral instincts'.

Why can't I hear people but they can hear me?

You may have a hearing problem. If you have been wearing ear buds and turning up to the highest volume you may have lost some hearing. Go get your hearing checked.

Although Sound velocity is maximum in solid then why two people in two sides of the wall are not able to hear each other?

Although sound does travel faster through solid media than gaseous, many walls are filled with materials or structures designed to absorb sound energy instead of transmitting it.. In addition to this, sound gives up some energy as heat whenever it travels from one medium to another, so going from t ( Full Answer )

What is a drop list hearing in court?

This is a hearing for Attorney's and Pro-Se filers or both, for inactive cases which still have pending motions or other matters within the case which has not been addressed, but sitting on the Courts open cases list. If the Parties cannot give a valid reason for the case to remain open, then all p ( Full Answer )

How can people hear sounds?

Sound waves hit the eardrum and cause it to vibrate, those vibrations travel through the inner ear through a series of small bones and nerve endings that send those signals to the brain.

How do you hear a sound?

Sound vibrations hit the eardrum and consequently produce vibrations in the ear-drum, thence the ossicles (tiny bone levers) in the middle-ear that transmit the vibrations onwards to the cochlea. The cochlea is the transducer, containing fluid that oscillates in the organ in reponse to the imposed ( Full Answer )

What word defines sound too low for human ears to hear?

Infrasonic. 'Subsonic' and 'infrasonic' both define sound too low (in frequency or pitch) to be heard by humans without assistance. However, as 'subsonic' can also mean something traveling slower than the speed of sound, and 'infrasonic' only means frequencies below the audible range, 'infrasonic' ( Full Answer )

Can you hear sound?

If one is not deaf one typically has the ability to hear sounds ranging from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. Hearing (or audition) is one of the traditional five senses. It is the ability to perceive sound by detecting vibrations via an organ such as the ear. The inability to hear is called deafness. In humans a ( Full Answer )

What Is The Origin Of Hear a pin drop?

On a railroad, a pin drops whenever cars couple together. Sometimes, if the engineer was moving carefully enough, he could hear the pin drop from hundreds of feet away.

How you can hear sound?

the vibrations of a sound transmit into the ear then the eardrum turns it into sound THEN it processes it to the brain then you hear it all this happens in about three milliseconds you can hear sound the music and drams

Which sounds are too high for human ears to hear?

Generally, most humans are incapable of hearing sounds above 22 kHz. This varies with age, and most people 19 and older can not hear 20 kHz or above. More information (and audio clips) are available in the related link source below. (In order to play the audio clips you must have a computer, amplifi ( Full Answer )

What pictures where on the wall in Seinfelds apartment?

I do know that there's at least one picture of Superman somewhere in each episode, and I believe in some seasons there's a Superman magnet on his fridge, but in some seasons it's blank. That's all I know.

Can you test for marijuana on your apartment walls?

Our drug detection test line allows you to determine whether asubstance is ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine/crack, or heroin. Thesetests are simple and easy to use. You can test a substance that youfind or you can test any flat surface that was touched by the drugor the person who used the drug. . Subst ( Full Answer )

What state is DC considered to be apart of?

DC is not a part of any state. It is governed by congress. The land making up DC was originally taken from Maryland and Virginia. However, the portion taken from Virginia was returned to Virginia, so if DC was ever ceased to be governed by congress, it would become a part of Maryland. That has been ( Full Answer )

How does eardrum get damage from hearing too much sound?

Repeated sound waves collide with the membrane of the eardrum, and as repeated procedures go on, the membrane loses its layers, thus reducing the effects of the eardrum's potential to pick up sound waves. Examples of eardrums being damaged would be exposures to loud sounds such as ipods, heavy metal ( Full Answer )

How people hear sounds?

I have no idea who answered this question I don't know who would search for it. But I'll tell the answer anyways even though everybody knows is by their ear.

What is sound and hearing?

sound is a form of energy that can travel from one place to another .sounds are made when something vibrates.

How people hear and understand the frequency of sound?

(Not sure if this means 'How do people hear and how do they understand the frequency of sound' or 'How do people hear the frequency of sound and understand it' so I'm answering both.) The ear can be split into three basic parts: outer, middle and inner. At the outer ear, sound waves pass thro ( Full Answer )

Can sounds from past be heard some people say sound never dies because its energy so is it possible to hear maria malibran in future?

No, it is impossible to hear sounds from the distant past. Sound travels in a wave through the molecules of air or water (or any other "medium"). As it travels, it eventually disperses energy to the point that it is indistinguishable from the natural vibration of atoms. It IS possible to hear unint ( Full Answer )

Why can't you hear whoosh sound when you open the jar of pickle or peanuts at the second time or can you hear the sound at the second time?

Jars of peanuts, pickles, spaghetti sauce and others, are vacuum sealed at the manufacturing plant. That means that all the air is sucked out of the jar at the moment that the lid is screwed on. This is done to prevent bacterial growth. the whoosh sound we hear is the outside air rushing back into t ( Full Answer )

What is the standard width of an apartment wall?

The standard thickness of a typical interior sheetrocked wall is 4 1/2" and 4 3/4" thick. Most apartments are built with a sheet of 1/2" or 5/8" GWB on each side of a 2x4 which is actually 3 1/2" wide.

What mammal makes sounds people cant hear?

Bats. They are blind and use echolocation to navigate when they are flying. They emit high pitched sounds humans ears are unable to hear. The sound frequency in a human voice is too low pitched for them to hear.

When do you use heard and when do you use hear?

"Hear" is a present tense verb. Use it when you want to give the impression that an action seems to be happening right now: Today I hear the sparrows singing. "Heard" is a past tense verb. Use it to indicate that something happened some time ago: Yesterday I heard the cardinals singing. "Heard" ( Full Answer )