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Browning Shotguns were marked with this address from 1923-1931.

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This gun was made in 1928. The barrel will be marked as Browning Arms Co. Ogden Utah.

This gun was made in 1929. The barrel address should say: BROWNING ARMS Co OGDEN UTAH.

Your gun was made in 1929 in Belgium. The Browning Arms Co imported Auto 5 shotguns fron the Fabrique Nationale plant in Herstal Belgium. At that time their HQ was in Ogden Utah, where the Browning Brothers were in business. 1929 was the last full year with the Ogden Utah address. They moved their US headquarters to St. Louis in 1930. Your gun is likely a Grade I with no engraving. If it has scroll engraving on the receiver it is a GradeII. The barrel will tell you the choke designation guage and "special steel". It also says "made in belgium" on the barrel. auto5man

Browning Arms Company was founded in 1927 in Utah. was born in 1855 in Ogden , Utah.

What about Browning 9mm browning arms company morgan utah montreal pq made in belgium sn 245 fe 28563?

John Moses Browning, the inventor of semi-automatic and automatic guns

Ogden Utah Temple was created in 1972.

You did not tell us what model Browning you have. There were dozens, if not hundreds, of different models.

It is named after a guy called Peter Skene Ogden. ^ |

== == S.N. info from this era gun is sketchy at best, this is the info from the Browning website: First 10,000 shipped to U.S. Marked with "BROWNING AUTOMATIC ARMS CO. OGDEN UTAH-U.S.A." Very few serial number records remain. This is odd because I have a gun w/ serial number 71h307 and it has that very marking on the barrel (perhaps the barrel was changed). supposedly the serial numbers ran from 1 - 228,000 from the years 1903 - 1939(again from the browning website).

I am from Logan, and I go to Ogden all the time. It's around 35 to 40 miles depending on where you exit the freeway in Ogden.

The address of the Daughters Of Utah Pioneers Museum is: 2148 Grant Ave, Ogden, UT 84401

This is a Auto-5 shotgun made by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium. This is a 12 guage shotgun made in 1930. The barrel should be stamped Browning Arms Co. Ogden Utah and or a combination of Ogden and St. Louis Mo. It will not have any scroll engraving on the receiver unless it is a gradeII or better. The standard grade was not engraved in that year.

The address of the Ogden Union Station is: 2501 Wall Avenue, Ogden, UT 84401

'John Moses Browning of Utah.' Actually, the founder of the company was John M Browning's father, Jonathan Browning, originally from Tennessee. The elder Browning joined the Mormon church in Illinois, and had a gun shop in the city of Nauvoo, Illinois. He emigrated to Utah along with the Mormon settlers in 1852, and established his gun shop in Ogden Utah. The son, John Moses Browning, grew up in his father's workshop and later invented many modern firearms that are still in use today.

go to Utah and go by ogden then drive south from ogden and then theres roy :]

The address of the Ogden Nature Center is: 966 West 12Th Street, Ogden, UT 84404

It was filmed in Ogden, Utah.

The phone number of the Ogden Nature Center is: 801-621-7595.

What Springfield Company are you referring too? Browning didn't have a Company in Springfield, but they did have their operations in St Louis Missouri. The Headquarters for the Browning Companies was in Ogden for many years, known as Browning Bros. and also the JM & MS Browning Co. In 1927 they created the Browning Arms Company in the United States to sell under that name the gun imports from Belgium. In 1931 Browning moved their Sales and distribution operations from Ogden to St. Louis Missouri and it remained there until 1964 when they moved to Morgan Utah. Browning guns are all from the same Company that imported, made and sold guns known as Browning's. Most all the Browning guns were made in Belgium and Japan, however some people have had confusion over the guns made in the USA, St. Louis Mo. These guns are the auto-5's that Remington made for Browning during WWII. They were actually made in New York by Remington, not in St Louis.

how long to drive from ogden utah to las vegas

Browning, in Morgan, Utah.