What is the market oriented?

My starting point is: Does the "Market orientation" of an organization hinge on the desire to offer quality services, or offer its products in an environment of optimized service quality?

I believe any organization that has benefited from learning the market needs- will view market orientation from the standpoint of a high feedback rating in customer satisfaction not just maximized sales or maximized profits. There is thus always a danger that the latter view is short-termist in nature.

But again once an organization exists and has invested in the production of goods and services, it must make money or profits to stay a float. Hence it must sell its offerings whether the intrinsic or associated customer-satisfaction offerings are wanting.

This may then result in a sales orientation policy(maximizing sales). This genre of business approach needs not be long-termist.

A market orientation then needs to be more accommodating, it must of necessity push sales and customer satisfaction in equal measure in order to be assured of long term relevance and success.

I welcome opinions.

Elias Leo Atambo


ESAMI / MAASTRICT Business Schools; e-mail:aphtl2005@gmail.com