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Assuming that the number "9.871023" would or should have been written as "9.87 X 1023" if the typographical resources to do so were available to the questioner:

Avogadro's Number, which is the number of formula units in a mole of any material, is about 6.022 X 1023. The gram formula mass for aluminum oxide is 101.96. Therefore, the mass of the stated number of formula units of aluminum oxide is:

101.96(9.87/6.022) or about 164 grams, to the justified number of significant digits.

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2013-12-17 14:55:05
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Q: What is the mass of 9.871023 formula units of aluminum oxide?
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How many formula units in 32.6 grams of potassium oxide?

K2O is potassium oxide. Formula mass = 94g32.6 g x 1 FU/94 g = 0.35 formula units

How many formula units are in 32.6 grams of potassium oxide?

K2O is potassium oxide. Formula mass = 94g32.6 g x 1 FU/94 g = 0.35 formula units

What is the number of formula units that are in 5.68 moles of magnesium oxide?

5.68 mol MgO x 6.02E23 formula units / 1 mol = 3.42E24 Formula Units

What is the theoretical yield of aluminum oxide if 3.60 mol of aluminum metal is exposed to 3.00 mol of oxygen Express your answer with the appropriate units.?

1,8 mol (183,528 g) of aluminium oxide is obtained.

What is the mass of 24.6 formula units of magnesium oxide?

The mass is 991,5 g.

How many atoms of aluminum sulfur and oxygen are in 3 molecules of aluminum sulfate?

1 formula unit of aluminum sulfate has the formula Al2(SO4)3. So there are 2 atoms of aluminum, 3 atoms of sulfur and 12 atoms of oxygen in 1 formula unit of aluminum sulfate. There are no molecules of aluminum sulfate. They are called formula units.

How many formula units are in 0.13 moles of iron (3) oxide?


What is the name of the product 2Na2O?

Na2O is sodium oxide. The 2 at the beginning means that there are two formula units of it.

How many formula units of iron (II) oxide are needed to produce 3.6 mol Fe2O3?


How many moles are in formula units?

One mole of formula units = 6.022 x 1023 formula units.

What is the chemical formula for one unit of Al2SO4 plus three units of BaCl2 two units of AlCl2 plus three units of BaSO4?

The chemical equation is Al2(SO4)3 + 3BaCl2 --> 2AlCl3 + 3BaSO4. (I corrected the formulas containing aluminum.)

How many sulfur atoms are in 1.10 mol of aluminum sulfide?

Aluminum sulfide is Al2S3, which has 3 sulfur atoms per formula unit. 1.10mol means 1.10(6.02x1023), which is 6.62x1023 formula units. Multiple that by 3 to get your sulfur atoms: 6.62x1023(3) = 1.99x1024 sulfur atoms.

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