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Mass of crust = 19.1 zetagrams (1.913x1022kg).

It is not possible to give an exact answer to this question as the Earth's crust varies in thickness and in density. However it is possible to make an estimate, although this will contain errors due to the simplifying assumptions it will be necessary to make.

Earth's crust varies in thickness from as little as 2km thick to over 70 km thick with an average value of approximately 35 km for the continental crust and 4.5 km for the oceanic crust.

Approximately 70 % of Earth's surface is covered in ocean and so it is assumed that this is the proportion of the crust formed of the denser, but thinner oceanic crustal rocks whereas the remaining 30 % is assumed to be composed of the thicker but less dense continental crustal rocks.

Density: It is assumed that the continental crust has an average density of 2700 kg/m3 and the oceanic crust a density of 3000 kg/m3.

Diameter of Earth = 6360 km.

As such, based on the above assumptions an estimation of the mass of the crust can be made by:

Calculating the volume of crustal material:

Volume of Earth = 4/3 x Pi x (6360 x 1000)3

Volume of Earth = 1.07761x1021 m3

Volume of Earth excluding oceanic crust:

Volume = 4/3 x Pi x (6356 x 1000)3

Volume of Earth excluding oceanic crust = 1.07532x1021 m3

Volume of Earth excluding continental crust:

Volume = 4/3 x Pi x (6325 x 1000)3

Volume of Earth excluding continental crust = 1.05991x1021 m3

As such the average volume of continental crust equals:

Volume = (1.07761x1021 - 1.05991x1021)

Volume = 1.76929x1019 m3

As such the average volume of oceanic crust equals:

Volume = (1.07761x1021 - 1.07532x1021)

Volume = 2.28575x1018 m3

Mass = Density x Volume:

Mass of oceanic crust = 2.28575x1018 x 3000 x 0.7

Mass of oceanic crust = 4.8x1021 Kg

Mass of continental crust = 1.76929x1019 x 2700 x 0.3

Mass of continental crust = 1.433x1022Kg

Sum of masses of continental and oceanic crust :

Mass of crust = 1.913x1022 kg.

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What percent of the crust takes up earths mass?

The crust takes up 1% of earths mass

Is it true that earths crust contains most of earths mass?

No. The crust contains a small fraction of earth's mass. Most of the mass is contained in the mantle.

What is percent of earths mass for crust?

About 2%

What is the most abundant element by mass in the earths crust?

By mass Oxygen

How does earths crust respond to addition and subtraction of mass?


What is the Earth's mass represented by the Earth's crust?

mass of Earth = 5.97219 × 1024 kilograms. Roughly.The mass of the earth is not represented by the earths crust

What is a fractured surface on the earths crust when a mass of rocks is in motion?


Which layer of the earth is 1 percent of the earth's mass?

The Earths crust.

What percentage of the earths mass does the crust make up?

2 percent

What makes up two-thirds of the earths mass?


What makes up the largest percentage of mass on earths crust?

Oxygen and silicon

What percent does the crust make up of the earths mass?

Under 1 percent

Is the earths crust less than one percent of earths mass?

With a very sizable iron core and a (by comparison) wafer-thin crust, I doubt that the earth's crust even approximates a full percentage point.

What is the size of earths crust?

The earths crust is 7km thick

Facts about the earths crust?

The crust is about 40 kilometers thick in many places. The crust is the coldest layer of all the layers of earth. The crust makes up less than 1% of the earths mass. The crust is mainly made up of silicon,aluminum,calcium,sodium, and potassium.

Earths crust is part of the?

The earths crust is a part of the outermost layer.

How does isostasy impact the surface of the earth?

Isostacy refers to an equilibrium level maintained by the earths crust on top of the mantle. The theory holds that the weight of the earths crust will displace a certain amount of the underlying mantle, and that an equilibrium is reached whereby the mass of the displaced crust and the mass of the displaced mantle are equal, thus holding that part of the crust at a certain height.

What is the depth range and the fraction in terms of both volume and mass of the earths crust?


How do you get silicon out of earths crust?

Silicon is a mixture of the minerals of the earths crust. so.... silicon isn't something from the earths crust. -thanks for your question.

Compared to earths continental crust earths oceanic crust is?

thinner and denser

What is the size of the earths crust?

The Earths crust is approximately 650 km deep.

How hot is the earths crust in Celsius?

The Earths crust is 870 degrees celsius

What are facts about earths inner core?

there is some crust on earths and is called crust

What is a sudden movement in earths crust?

a sudden movement in earths crust is an earthquake

What is the percent makeup of calcium in earths crust?

The percentage of calcium in earths crust is 3.6%.

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