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Mass is a calculation of precise weight. The mass of a medium chicken is guess work at best and there are over 175 breeds of chicken all with different characteristics and variants.

In market terms, a broiler or fryer is a young meat-type chicken that can be cooked tender by broiling or frying and usually weighing between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 pounds. A roaster is a young meat-type chicken that can be cooked tender by roasting and usually weighing 4 pounds or more. A stewing chicken, hen, or fowl is a mature female chicken, often the by-product of egg production, with meat less tender than that of a roaster and can be cooked tender by stewing or a similar method will weigh from 4.5 to 8 lbs +.

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What is the size of 3Kg and example?

3 Kg is about the size of a medium chicken.

What is the size and mass of Mercury?

Type your answer here... Mercury's Size An Mass Is Chicken ...

What is the mass of a medium size banana?


How many calories in a medium size boiled egg?

HOW MANY CALORIES IN A MEDIUM SIZE BOILED EGGIn chicken eggs there are:63 calories in 1 medium size boiled egg.

How much does a boned whole chicken weigh?

Well it depends on if the chicken size is small, medium or large.

Average boneless skinless chicken breast weighs what?

Depends on the size of the chicken, but the average medium size breast would be between 120 and 180 grams

What is a size of a chicken egg?

Standard chicken egg sizes are Jumbo, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small, Pullet, Peewee.

How many chicken tenders equal 1 chicken breast?

The number of chicken tenders that equal one chicken breast depend on the size of the tenders. It would take about 3 to 4 medium size tenders to equal one breast.

What is a low or medium mass of star becomes and what at the end of its life?

Most medium size stars become recluses. One example of a medium to large star's fate is Marlon Brando.

How many grams of protein are in a chicken breast?

It depends on the mass of the chicken breast. Good quality chicken breast is usually around 30% pure protein. A medium sized 150g chicken breast would contain around 45g of protein.

What makes chicken lay medium size eggs only?

Breed. The breed of the hen and genetics determine the output of the oviduct.

How long to boil diced chicken pieces?

How long it takes to boil diced chicken pieces will depend on the quantity and size of the diced chicken. The typical cooking time would be an hour over a medium heat for a pound of diced chicken.

How long does it take to raise a chicken?

It takes just 2-3 months until they have a medium size. They grow up very quickly.

How many people will a roasted chicken will feed?

It Depends on the size of the Chook. A medium one normally feeds beteen 2 to 3 people.

What breed of chicken lays jumbo size eggs?

"Brahmas lay the jumbo size eggs." Actually, although Brahma's are a heavy bird they lay a medium size egg. Rhode Island Reds lay an x-large brown egg. Also, the older the chicken, the larger the egg.

What shoe size is youth medium?

If you wear a size 2 in children what size is it for small medium or large

Do medium size stars become black holes?

No. They do not have enough mass to become black holes. Depending on the mass they will either become white dwarfs or neutron stars.

What is a medium hamburger?

It is a hamburger of medium size.

What a low mass or medium mass star becomes at the end of its life?

Low mass stars and medium mass stars usually become white dwarfs.

What is the mass of a chicken egg?

A single large chicken egg has a mass of about 57 grams on average with its shell on. By contrast, a jumbo graded chicken egg has a mass of 71 grams.

What size are medium Nike elite socks in shoe size?

The size for the medium nike elite socks are from 6-8.

Is medium an adverb?

No. Medium is an adjective of size, or a noun. There is no adverb form of medium.

How many calories in a medium size tomato?

There are 22 calories in a medium size regular tomato. .

How much does chicken wire cost for a bunny?

NEVER, NEVER use chicken wire in a bunny cage. It is not strong enough to support them, will make sores on their feet and a medium size dog can chew right through it if they are of a mind to.

Is a white dwarf bigger than a main sequence?

No. A white dwarf is the collapsed remnant of the core of a low to medium mass star. It has a mass comparable to that of a star, but is about the size of a small planet.

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