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Tape measure

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Q: What is the mass of a parakeet in customary units and metric units?
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What is the customary units of measuements?

In the SI system (metric), length is a meter, mass is the kilogram, and time is the second.

Which of these units is a part of both US and metric system?

The unit of mass, the kilogram, is a part of both the US customary system and the metric system. In the US customary system, pounds are used for mass measurement, while the metric system uses kilograms.

What is the weight or mass of a parakeet Metric unit?

Tape measure

What metric unit would you use for the mass of a parakeet?


What is the mass of a beetle in metric unit?

The mass of a beetle can vary depending on the species and size, but it typically ranges from 1 milligram to 3 grams in metric units.

What are the metric units of mass?

The metric units of mass are: Kilogram=mass of 4 videocassettes Gram=mass of a small paper clip Milligram=mass of an eyelash

What is the customary unit weight or mass of a parakeet?

Wild budgerigars weigh 1.1-1.4 oz.

Are weight and mass measured in the same units?

No. Mass units include the gram, kilogram, metric ton, poundmass, and slug. Weight is measured in units of force, including newton, US ton, and poundforce. The common "pound" used to describe weight in the US customary system is the poundforce.

What metric unit would you use to measure the mass of a parakeet?

That would be grams.

What is metric unit of mass?

the metric units for mass are grams, kilograms, milligrams, ect.

What are units for mass in the metric sysytem?

Mass is measured in kilograms.

What are the units in measurement for mass?

Mass units in the Metric system: Gram, kilogram Mass units in the English system: Poundal, Slug