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Q: What is the mass of an 850N person on earth?
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If a person has a mass of 71kg on earth what would be their mass on the moon be?

11.83 that is the 1/6 of his mass in earth

Is the mass of a person different on the moon than on earth?

No. The mass of the person is the same but the weight is less as the mass of the moon is less resulting in a weaker gravitational force acting on the mass of the person.

If a person has a mass of 55 kilograms on earth what would be the mass on the moon?

20 kg

If a person's mass is sixty kilograms on the earth what is the mass on the moon?

The person's mass on the moon is still 60 kilograms. Their weight would be about 10 kg.

Why a person has a heavier mass on earth than on the moon?

He hasn't. The mass is the same, but the graviational pull from the Earth is stronger than that from the moon.

What is the weight on Earth of a person with a mass of 50 kilograms?

i have no clew

What is the person's mass on earth if they are 60 kilograms?


What is the mass of a person on moon if its mass on earth is 490 newtons?

Mass is a characteristic of the person or object. It stays with him/it and doesn't change no matter where he/it goes. "Newtons" is not a measurement of mass. It's a measurement of force, and it could represent the person's weight. If the person weighs 490 newtons on Earth, then his mass is about 50 kilograms anywhere, and he would weigh about 81 newtons on the moon.

How much does the earth weigh not based on gravitational attraction?

This may be a trick question. We often use the terms "weight" and "mass" interchangeably, but we use the term "weight" to refer to mass that is in a gravitational field (and generally the gravitational field of earth). . If a person weighs 150 pounds, it means that we have used "pound" as a reference, and that involves (or invokes) the effect of the pull of the earth on that person. But that person has mass that is independent of gravitational attraction. A person who has a mass of 150 pounds has that mass no matter where he may be. That person is weightless in deep space where there isn't anything of substance around to exert a gravimetric pull on the person. Mass is present, but there is no weight. . The earth is not said to have weight. Instead, it has mass, and that mass is a bit short of 1024 kilograms. . See an answer to a related question, "What is the weight of earth?"

What will be the mass of a person on the moon having a mass of 60kg on the earth?

60 Kg. Mass doesn't change on the moon, weight does.

Why will a person's mass never change whether they are on earth or on the moon?

Because mass is not the same as weight. Weight is mass times gravity so your weight will change if you are on the earth or moon but your mass will stay the same.

Would a person mass or weight change if that person left the earth and went to the moon?

your mass stays the same. yoir WIEGHT changes