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Spandex tights are quite simply made of the material spandex. Spandex is an elastic material which is durable and can be stretched which is why it is used for certain sports uniforms in sports that require quick and frequent motions and movements.

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Q: What is the material used to make spandex tights?
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What materials are used to make lycra?

Lycra is a brand name for spandex. Spandex is a synthetic fiber made primarily from a polyurethane polymer. It is a competitor to the natural material latex.

What types of material should be used for baton twirling costumes?


What are chair covers?

Chair covers are the cloth or plastic (spandex) material which is used to cover the chair. Chair covers can be used to protect the chair or to decorate and make chair attractive.

What are the kinds of table covers?

Table covers can be linen or spandex. Linen table covers can be of any cloth material including silk, polyester etc. Spandex material is one of the largest used materials for table covers these days.

What materials are used to make swimsuits?

most usually spandex

Are bike shorts usually made of spandex?

Spandex is definitely a popular material for modern bike shorts. Polyester and wool have also been used, along with chamois leather for the crotch patch.

Is Lycra a woven or a knit?

Lycra, a trademark of Invista (formerly part of DuPont) make Spandex.

What material are tights made from?

Danskin tights originated from Europe. It started as a small venture selling women hosiery which was later developed into a big company largely serving the needs of women dancers. Today they meet almost all sports needs of women. Their headquarters is situated in New York.

What is table cover?

Table cover is a spandex material or linen which is used to cover the table. Also known as table cloth.It is the same thing as a tablecloth

What material is used to help maternity clothes expand as the pregancy goes on?

Some of the materials used to allow maternity clothes to stretch include jersey knit, spandex and lycra blends.

Where can one purchase a spandex bodysuit?

A high quality and full-fitting spandex bodysuit can be purchased online. New spandex bodysuits can be purchased at American Apparel, or used spandex bodysuits can be purchased on Ebay.

What fabrics are mostly used?

cotton and spandex