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You should be able to go about 100' with RG-56 with little or no problems.

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The best size is RG 6 coax. However for short runs RG 59 will work.

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The maximum length for the RG-6 coax cable is 200'. If you have further questions, please let me know. Thanks.

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Q: What is the max cable length for HD satellite dish to receiver?
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What is the cable used for linking the satellite cable antenna to the receiver?

We use a RG6 coax cable from the dish to the receiver. The cable used between the receiver to the TV varies.

How does one fit a cable to an external Ariel Dish?

The fit a cable to an external aerial dish, one must check the satellite receiver to find the coaxial socket. Connect the cable from your satellite receiver to the external antennae socket.

Can you use your DVR dish receiver with a cable hook-up?

No you cannot. The receiver decodes the signal coming from the satellite that is unique to DISH Network.

Is rg6 coax cable the best to use for satellite tv in home?

For Dish Network, we use RG6 coax cable to allow a higher frequency range for the satellite signal from the dish to your receiver. Any coax cable not rated at RG6 could affect the signal.

Why do LNB's have to be mounted close to the satellite dish?

The LNB takes the signal reflected off the dish, sends that signal through the coax cable to the receiver, where the receiver decodes the signal unlocking the channels you subscribe to.

Can you plug a satellite dish cable into a cable ready tv and receive anything?

No. You need a proper receiver (among other things) to be able to plug the cable from the dish into and you need service.

What does searching for satellite signal mean when trying to hook up a satellite receiver and TV in a campground?

My wild guess would be: The satellite antenna you brought with you to the campground is not accurately pointed at the satellite you're trying to receive from, and consequently the receiver can't hear the bird. Either that, or else there are trees in the way between you and the satellite. Whatever the specific root cause, that message means the receiver isn't hearing any satellite signal. So in addition to the suggestions above, some others are: -- a bird sat on the end of the feed at the focus of the dish, and dropped a moist, radio-opaque load on it; -- the cable came loose at the dish; -- the cable got pinched in a hinge somewhere between the dish and the receiver, and broke; -- the cable came loose at the back of the receiver; -- a power supply failed somewhere, and the LNB at the dish isn't getting any power; -- the "front end" of the receiver has failed;

What is digital receivers?

A digital receiver, sometimes referred to as a Cable or Satellite "set-top box", converts and descrambles the signal coming in from either your satellite dish or cable TV service so that you can view the programming on your television.

What equipment is needed to broadcast an HD channel on TV?

The kind of equipment that you need in order to receive HD channels on your television set, is cable box receiver, or a satellite receiver and a satellite dish for one single television set.

What is a satellite receiver?

A satellite TV receiver is needed in order to view satellite programming. Additionally, a satellite dish is needed in order for the receiver to decode digital signals which then allows you to watch TV.

What does freesat mean?

Freesat is satellite reception television for people in the United Kingdom. With the purchase of a satellite dish, by placing it in the correct location people can receive cable television on their receiver for free.

How do you set up receiver?

Depending on if you have Dish Network Satellite or another provider, visit their website they will have instructions on how to hook up your receiver. Generally, their is a satellite input (coming from the satellite dish) and an output for your TV.