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the same amount

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Q: What is the maximum number of course credits students can receive for taking CLEP exams compared with credits that students earn for successfully completing the course?
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How do you get a lot of potropica credits?

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How do you get to the credits on Littlebigplanet?

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Do you get credits for restarting an island and beating it?

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What is a code on poptropica to get more credits?

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When have you completed a course from your college?

A course is usually completed after you have taken the final exam. If you mean, "when have you completed ALL of your college coursework", this would entail completing your major (usually 30 credits or more), completing all distribution requirements (somewhere between 20 and 45 credits, usually, depending on the college), and completing enough elective coursework to finish with the 120 - 124 credits needed for a bachelor's degree.

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