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I would not go over 5 you could have more but give your body a brake

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Can you have anal orgasmsduring the healing process with fresh frenum piercings?

Sexual activity with unhealed and unprotected piercings is very very risky the chance of getting a secondary infection is very high.

Can you swim when you have just had your ears pierced?

Yes but you should clean your piercings with ear antiseptic or fresh water

What is fresh waters maximum density?

1 gm/cm^3

What is the maximum acceptable receiving temperature for fresh poultry?

below 5

Do the lil fresh boyz have a cell phone number?

WHAT is Larry number from lil fresh boys

What are the lil fresh boyz number?

The Lil Fresh Boyz number is 360-824-5671

Can you take your monroe piercing out without it healing to quick?

If it is still a fresh, unhealed piercing, I would not leave it out for more than one hour (maximum) if you still want to keep it. When you get a piercing, your body starts working overtime to try and patch the hole that was just created in your body. Piercings at this stage can close within a half an hour, to 1-2 hours. If you like the piercing, do not leave it out for more than one hour. If the problem with it is, you need to hide it for work, school, etc., you can buy a clear retainer to put in it, rather than the surgical steel jewelry.

How long does chocolate mousse keep?

Maximum 3 days as there is fresh cream and raw eggs in :)

You got your tongue pierced 3 days ago swelling went down but you got a bump under your tongue can you change your tongue ring yet?

You're not supposed to change a fresh tongue piercing for two weeks. Tongue piercings are among some of the fastest healing piercings, but you don't want to change it too soon. If you change it too soon, chances are it will swell up again. If you put a shorter bar in your mouth, it will not be able to handle the swelling. I would recommend waiting at least a week and a half, but two weeks is best.

Which country is the worlds number one producer and consumer of fresh pork?

China is the worlds number one producer and consumer of fresh pork.

Where is the highest number of asthma patients?

Wherever the highest number of people that do not drink adequate amounts of fresh water and fresh fruits and vegetables!

What is the phone number for Fresh and Easy human resources department?

what is the phone number for the fresh market human resource department in charlottesville va

How can you help progress lung healing?

Stop smoking, stop inhaling drugs! Excercise more and inhale fresh clean air deeply.

Can neosporin remove tattoos?

No it cannot. Some tattoo artists even recommend you use it for a few days on a fresh tattoo to speed the healing

Why do you wait 6 weeks to change your earrings?

Because based on 1000's of piercings that is the nominal time period one should wait to change earrings in fresh piercings. because they coud get infected if you don't and in the beginig they need to stay in so the hole doesn't close back up!=) MaDiSoN!!!!

What is the phone number of the National Fresh Water Fishing in Hayward Wisconsin?

The phone number of the National Fresh Water Fishing is: 715-634-4440.

What is the shelf life of rice pudding?

If it's canned, a couple of years. If it's fresh, 3 days maximum.

You are going to India this summer to help out at an orphanage but you were hoping to get your belly button pierced before you went would it be unwise if the kids im with could have aids?

Hygiene is the most important factor to healing piercings, going to an undeveloped country with a new navel piercing is not recommended. Navel piercings require daily cleaning and fresh air to aid in the healing and can be problematic during the initial healing phase. This in concert with you working in what may be a less than ideal environment could spell trouble for your piercing as well as your personal health. The concern about aids is a minor issue, I would suggest you take and aids awareness seminar at your local red cross before you go on your trip so you are educated and aware of your personal risk factors when working around people with HIV and Aids. Leave the navel piercing for your return home as a reward for you humanitarian efforts. Enjoy your trip.

At what temperature does fresh water have the highest density?

The maximum density of ultrapure water (0,9999720 g/cm3) is at 3,98 0C.

What is the smallest fresh water fish?

The smallest fresh water fish I can find a reference to is the "Paedocypris progenetica". It is native to the tropical swamps of Malaysian Borneo. Maximum size is 7.9 mm for an adult female.

What is Aaron fresh-es phone number?

His fan number is wait.... He doesn't have one.

What is the rank of fresh breeze on the Beaufort scale?

Under 'force' a fresh breeze is ranked number 5 on the Beaufort Wind Scale. The wind for a fresh breeze is 17 to 21 knots.

What difference is there in the function of bromelain fresh and canned pineapple juice?

Canned pineapple is pasteurized so the bromelain enzyme, which has a number of health related applications, is denatured and no longer has the same healthful properties as the fresh pineapple juice. Some people are allergic to bromelain and exposure can be lethal.Possible health properties are as an anticoagulant, immune stimulant, mucus thinner, improved wound healing and anti-inflammatory product.

What is the Fresh Beat Band's phone number?

770 395 2243

What is the Telephone number for fresh and ready corporate in America?