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Samsung's LCD Televisions maximum resolution is 1080p which is the highest resolution. Though to maximize your picture quality you can get a Samsung television with a higher contrast ratio.

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2011-07-18 01:29:53
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Q: What is the maximum resolution that samsung 40 lcd supports?
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What is the picture quality of a Samsung lcd tv?

Samsung is the maker of many different models of LCD televisions. Most of them have 1080p resolution, which produces images that are both vivid and sharp.

For an lcd monitor what is the best resolution to use?

the best resolution of a monitor is the maximum it can handle, i.e 1920x1080 would be best on a hdtv or a monitor which has its maximum of 1920x1080.

Can a graphics card affect your LCD monitor resolution?

No, I believe that the monitor itself has a maximum resolution, and the graphics card will not change that.

What is the difference of plasma LCD and LCD?

The difference is in the backlight and resolution. LCD usually have better resolution.

Why is brightness not important on LCD monitor?

resolution LCD only have optimal resolution

What is better a Samsung LCD or a Panasonic LCD?

Panasonic is generally a better brand than samsung the samsung remotes are rubbish

Is the Samsung LCD TV better than the Samsung plasma TV?

A plasma display panel (PDP) uses gas-filled tubes to produce images. Plasma TVs have a much higher resolution than LCD TVs. PDPs use millions of tiny picture elements called pixels to create sharp, clear pictures. LCD TVs use liquid crystals to control how light passes through them. LCD TVs have a lower resolution than plasma TVs, but they offer many advantages over plasma TVs.

How do you hook up Samsung to LCD tv?

How do you hook up a samsung intercept to lcd tv

Samsung LCD and lg LCD which is better?

It depends. But LG has a better screen but samsung's LCD is cheaper so I think people prefer samsung more than LG.

What sizes are available for a Samsung LCD HDTV?

According to Samsung's official website the section LCD HDTV currently provides 2 devices. One of them is the 40" Samsung LCD 550 series TV, the other the 46" Samsung LCD 550 series TV.

Samsung 60 inch lcd tv weight?

what is the weight of samsung 60 inch lcd tv

Who is Samsung LCD TV parent company?

Samsung, LTD.

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