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seven star hotel 7 star means what ?

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Q: What is the meaning 7 star hotel?
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How many 7 star hotel in India?

There are no 7 star hotel in India.

How many 7 star hotel in Pakistan?

Centaurus Hotel is First 7 Star Hotel in Pakistan.

Is Le meridian new Delhi is 7 star hotel?

No,it is a 5 star hotel,it is very rare for a Hotel with that class to become a 7 star hotel,one of the prestigious 7 Star Hotels is Burj al Arab in Dubai.

Is Leela palace in Bangalore a 7 star hotel?

No it is a 5 star hotel

Is there any 7 star hotel in India as on date?

no i don't think there is any 7 star hotel in india

What is the 7 star hotel called in Turkey?

There is no 7-Star Hotel in Turkey. You are likely thinking of the Burj al-Arab in Dubai, UAE, which labels itself as the only 7-Star Hotel in the World.

Is oberoi hotel in mumbai a 7 star hotel?

No it is not a seven start hotel.

Which is the largest hotel in India?

The Best Hotel in India as per Hotel ratings from accross the world is THE LEELA PALACE, Bangalore which is a 5 star hotel best in its class. The best star hotel in the world is Burj Al Dubai, Dubai which is a 7 star hotel. [There are no 7 star hotels in India]

How many 7 hotel in the world?

how many 7 star hotel i n world

Is there any 7 star hotel in Agra?

No. There only the highest grade hotel is 5 star.

How many 7 tar hotels in india?

There is no 7 star hotel yet in India but tere are many 5 star hotel.

Is there a 7 star hotel?

Not in America, its a five star system

Is Grand Hyatt Hotel in Mumbai 7 star hotel?

no they can only go up to 5 star

What is meaning of 4 star hotel?

Four star means it is a rating out of five

Where are 7 star hotel in world?


Norms for 7 star hotel in India?

How much ti rent a room in 7-star hotel?

There is no seven star hotel they only go to 5.

How many 7 star hotels are present in the Mumbai city.?

There is not a single 7 star hotel in India.

How many 7star hotel in india?

There is not a single 7 star hotel exists in India.

Which hotel was destroyed by the collapse of building 7?

No hotel was destroyed In the collapse of WTC 7, if you are meaning which hotel in WTC collapsed...It was the "Marriot Hotel" A.K.A WTC3

How many 7 star hotels in the world are there?

Burj al arab Dubai UAE is a 7 star No 1 in the world. Then comes as second a hotel 7 star in los angelos USA. then emitates palce in abu dhabi UAE 3rd and its also a 7 star hotel.

How many 7 star hotels have in the world?

there are only 1 hotel is 7 star hotels in the world, in dubai.

How many stars is the emirates palace?

emirates palace is world first 7 star hotel..but some people says its a 6 star rated hotel...but it deserves 7 star...according to the investment its undoubtly 7 star it costs more than 4.7 billion dollors the world's expensive hotel in 2005-2009

7 star hotel in India?

There is NO such thing as a 7 star hotel it is just A self proclaimed ranking without merit. like hotels saying they are 6 star which is false as well. it just like any hotel around the world, it is very nice! but is just a 5 star hotel. there are just lots and lots of 5 star hotels in India and the world but NO 6 star or 7 star hotels. it is false advertisement and basically rubbish if a hotel claims it is 6 or 7 star. It is nonsense if anyone ever says they are the only 6 or 7 in a country or the world, such as when the Burj Al Arab was built a few years ago and it claimed to be 7 stars, when that is just utter crap.

Is there any 6 star hotel in the world?

there's no term like 6 star hotel are upto 5 stars and there's only 1 hotel in world with 7 star.....