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Q: What is the meaning of Anata wa koko ga chotto are nan desu ka?
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How do you say im here in Japanese?

watashi WA koko desu

How do you you say 'where are we' in Japanese?

You may say 'koko ha doko desu ka'.

How do you translate you hate it here in Japanese?

this doesn't make sense, are you asking 'do you hate it here?' or telling someone that they hate it here or do you want to say "i hate it here' you hate it here is あなたがここにそれを嫌う Anata ga koko ni sore o kirau i hate it here is watashi WA koko kirai desu or just koko kirai

How do you say why are you still here stalker in Japanese?

Naze anata wa mada koko ni sutōkādesu

What is i wish you were here with me in Japanese?

'Anata ga koko de watashi to tomo ni itekuretara naa'.

What is the the meaning of 'watashi wa anata ga suki desu yo?

you are almost correct because the meaning of watashi wa anata or aishite imasu is "I LOVE YOU" ♥♥♥ i think, [not completely sure] that it means "i like you" but I'm probably wrong.. watashi wa: I anata ga: You suki: like. desu: indicates the end of the sentence i think.. :D Either "I like you" or "I love you". Could be either one. -edit by another user- it means "I like you!" the yo indicates emphasis on the statement, so in other words it would be more like "I REALLY like you!" but if you were to be affectionate the word love is ai or aishita so if it was a beginner speaking to you. Yes they said they liked you. but if they were advanced, they might mean your cute in that little kid way. BTW The previous answer is correct.

What is the meaning of hawaiian word KOKO?

Koko = Blood Kōkō = net

How do you say i will arrive in Japanese?

I am waiting here now (casually): ここに待ってる (koko ni matte ru) I am waiting here now (politely): ここに待っています (koko ni matte imasu) I will wait here (casually): ここに待つ (koko ni matsu) I will wait here (politely): ここに待ちます (koko ni machimasu)

What actors and actresses appeared in Anata ga koko ni Itehoshii - 2001?

The cast of Anata ga koko ni Itehoshii - 2001 includes: Jin Hirao as Kurosawa Hiroaki Hirata as Chanpua Katsuyuki Konishi as Kaneshiro Kotono Mitsuishi as Mitsuki Romi Pak as Tao Yukari Tamura as Ai Nobuo Tobita as Satake Isao Yamagishi as Tatsumi

What is the meaning the name koko?

U is a gorilla

What does 'coco' in Japanese mean?

ここ (koko) is a reference to "this place". For example, ここはきれいです。 (koko ha kirei desu) would mean, this place is clean.

How do you say 'Here you go' in Japanese?

Romanji: Koko ni anata ga iku。 ここにあなたがいく。