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Q: What is the meaning of Jhuggi-Jhopri ka Vikas Daudo Modi ke Saath?
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What is the meaning of name vikas?

A male name which means good looking man

What is meaning of Hindu name vikas?

The Name Vikas or Vickas is often said to be a male name of Hindu origin which mean progress or growth and even development in simple words Aubin Robinson

How tall is Vikas Shrivastav?

Vikas Shrivastav is 6'.

How tall is Vikas Kalantri?

Vikas Kalantri is 6'.

When was Vikas Mahatme born?

Vikas Mahatme was born in 1957.

When was Gram Vikas created?

Gram Vikas was created in 1979.

When was Vikas Uppal born?

Vikas Uppal was born in 1986.

When was Vikas Vidyalaya created?

Vikas Vidyalaya was created in 1952.

How tall is Devarakonda Vikas?

Devarakonda Vikas is 168 cm.

When did Vikas Uppal die?

Vikas Uppal died in 2007.

Where do you put a apostrophe in vikas?

The correct placement of an apostrophe in "Vikas" would be "Vika's" to show possession or to indicate something belonging to Vikas.

When was Vikas Amte born?

Vikas Amte was born in 1947-10.