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It means that whoever the person that the sentence is relating to is talking as if there isn't an end.

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Q: What is the meaning of Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup?
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Is wax paper a compound word?

No. It is two words which form a complex noun if you want to call it that, but because it is two words, it does not count as a complex word. It is much like paper weight. It is a weight for paper, and one noun, yes, but two words, and thus not a compound word.

What is the meaning of carbon paper?

Carbon paper has a carbon film on one side. As a basic example: when placed between two sheets of paper, anything written, or typed using a typewriter or a dot matrix printer, on the top paper will also be transferred on to the bottom paper. This results in an original and a copy.

Is sand flowing through an hour glass an chemical or physical change?

It is not really a change, at all. Sand is moving from one spot to another. If it truly had to be categorized, I would put it under a physical change. A physical change would be a change in an object you can see with your eyes. However, the chemical makeup of that object does not change. In other words, no new chemical is formed. For example, water may freeze or evaporate, but the chemical makeup of water, no matter what state it is in, is H2O. A chemical change would would result in the formation of one or more new chemicals. For example, burning paper is a chemical change. You have paper and fire, and when you burn the paper up, it gives off CO2, and charred paper, which is different from regular paper.

How does wetting a paper affect its strength?

Anwser:Yes, the wettness does affect the paper. Scientific studies says that if paper recifece to mutch water it will lose its strangth and the paper will tear.paper is made up of cellulose meaning repeating units of glucose. These glucose molecules are layered on top of each other held together by hydrogen bonding. When you wet paper, water actually can hydrogen bond to the glucose molecules which causes the structure of cellulose to loose strength. So wet paper can tear easily when wet. This doesn't happen when paper is submerged in oil because oil is a fat, hydrophobic, no hydrogen bonding.

Are paper towels flammable?

You bet they are ... the keyword there is "paper" ... paper is flammable, whether or not you call it a towel, toilet paper, or writing paper. Paper is paper and it will burn.

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What are the first 11 words of the song across the universe by the beatles?

Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup

What part of across the universe by The Beatles has a simile in it?

Words are flowing out like an endless rain into a paper cup.

What two words is Origami derived from?

'oru', meaning 'folding', and 'gami', meaning 'paper'.

What is the literal meaning of the word inscribe?

To write words permanently in stone, wood or paper.

Can you use paper on the California written test?

Well one meaning of the word "writing" is the act of inscribing words on paper. So the use of paper is highly likely.

What is the best way to write a poem?

Always write from the heart.Use flowing grace. Don't be picky about your words, just let it flow onto the paper. Be you and Express your feelings and thoughts.

Is newspaper a compound word?

Yep. Compound words are made of two words combined. News and paper.

What there is to make out of paper?

Oragami, flowers, jewllery and more! go to youtube for endless and creative ideas!

What is the paper airplane chase record on endless mode?

It's me connor414 from wiki answers i got 303

What part of speech are the words a and an?

They are both indefinite articles (indef. art.) e.g. "A piece of paper," meaning it could be any piece (indefinite) as opposed to the definite article (def. art.) "the," e.g. "The piece of paper," meaning a specific piece (definite.)

How did the invention of rag paper aid the Zhou and Han dynasties?

A) It aided the growing bureaucracies and their need for endless documentation.

Where did the name origami come from?

origami originates from japan. the name origami comes from two words...oru, meaning fold and kani, meaning paper! there u go! ORUKANI-ORIGAMI!